What is a Junk Journal?

You might be wondering, “What is a junk journal?” There are many different types and sizes of journals, and you can also choose to add embellishments or a cover.

Whether you use a junk journal for creative or practical purposes, it is a great way to record your thoughts and feelings.


Junk journals are a whimsical take on the traditional art journal.

Often made from bits and pieces of everyday life, junk journals can be any size you want.

While they usually measure 5″ x 8″, the size of a junk journal can be as small as four inches square. This means that most A4-sized sheets of paper can fit inside.

Junk journals can be found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from A4 file folders to Travellers Notebooks.

While most journals are filled with an array of discarded paper, some use specially designed digital kits.

The size and shape of the journal will depend on what you want to record.

Sizes of junk journals vary greatly, and there are many ways to bind them.

Some junk journals are sewn together, while others are ring-bound.

They may have many pockets and “tuck spots” for tags and other items. Junk journals come in many different shapes and sizes, and are ideal for a variety of purposes.

Junk journals are often filled with tokens, memories, and keepsakes. One of the most fun parts of a junk journal is the pockets.

Shabby Mermaid’s quick pockets are a great option for adding pockets, but you can always decorate them however you like.

Gluing them onto the signature is another option to add a unique touch.

Besides using an old book to cover a junk journal, you can also make one from paper bags.

They can be found in your local dollar store, thrift store, or yard sale.

They come in all sizes and widths, which makes them an excellent option for the cover. If you want to create a journal in a smaller size, you can also use a children’s book.

If you’d like a larger journal, you can also use a folder.

A junk journal has many pages. A signature is a small section of the book.

It usually contains four to seven pages.

The journal is made up of a number of these signatures stitched together.

Choosing the right paper for a junk journal depends on your taste and needs.

Scrapbook paper, old book pages, and computer paper work well.


There are many different types of junk journals, each with their own purpose and style.

These recycled or found materials are often used to document inspiration, ideas, and memories.

A junk journal is not limited to writing, but it can also be a place to keep sketches and other artwork. Here are some examples of junk journal types:

Junk Journals can be made of anything from ribbons and paper scraps to glitter glue pens.

Even fabric can be used as an embellishment. Simply cut the fabric into small pieces and layer it with other embellishments.

You can even add words or phrases with markers. These journals are therapeutic for the creative and artistic person.

Junk journals are very unique because they are created from recycled or found materials.

These items can include maps, music sheets, and ephemera.

They may also contain stamps, greeting cards, and fussy cut pictures.

These items can be combined with beautiful page layouts. The junk journal style can be very fun and rewarding.

Junk journals are also useful for scrapbooking or collage. You can make them by using old papers and a little creativity.

Typically, these journals contain pages from magazines or old greeting cards.

Some junk journals include pages for journaling, some have blank pages, and others feature a calendar.

This is a great way to record important events in your life.

A few different types of junk journals are popular today. One popular option is a themed book.

These are made with a specific theme and subject matter

Usually these junk journals have a theme or subject matter that is popular among people

A themed book can be about any subject. It can also feature a theme that you enjoy.


If you’re new to the world of junk journals and embellishments, there are many tips and techniques to get started

These can range from the addition of fabric or lace to the creation of clusters.

You can also add a brad or button to finish off the look.

If you’re feeling creative but unsure of how to start, look online for ideas.

You’ll also find plenty of tutorials and tips on Youtube.

Junk journals can come in many different shapes and sizes.

You can create them yourself or order blank ones.

The embellishments you use in a junk journal can express your unique personality and taste.

Junk journals are also perfect for storing ideas and memories.

A variety of materials can be used to embellish them, including chipboard, wood, and paper bags.

Another popular way to decorate a junk journal is to glue scraps of paper into the pages. You can also use a creaser or bone folder to create a crease.

After gluing the pages together, you can add embellishments or collage pieces to the pages.

You can also use leftover pieces from an electronic cutting machine to create stencils for embellishments.

As the heart of junk journaling, embellishments are an important part of the process. You can add bits of jewelry, lace, or ephemera packs to your journal to enhance your personal style.

You can use these pieces to create unique pages and display them anywhere you want.

You can also use tucks to keep things in your journal.

These are similar to pockets that are open on two sides and are used for larger ephemera.

The tucks can be glued or stitched down, or you can use altered paperclips to move them around. Some junk journal enthusiasts prefer to create collage pages on their journal pages.

This type of embellishment may take the form of a full page or a half page, depending on the size of your junk journal.

A junk journal can be a very useful tool for remembering important events in your life.

It can be a great way to record thoughts, write down important dates, or store mementos. Junk journals can be inexpensive and can be personalized.


A Junk Journal is a scrapbook created from discarded items. It can be anything from scraps of paper, ribbons, and even glitter glue pens.

You can also use fabric to add embellishments and words. This type of journal can be a therapeutic tool for creative individuals

You can decorate it with photos of past events and line it with mementos of shared memories.

You can choose a theme, color palette, and aesthetic that will match your junk journal. You can also choose a particular purpose for your junk journal.

The main goal is to create something you enjoy. Whatever that is for you might be a scrapbook, journal, or planner.

If you are a creative person, a junk journal could be a sketchbook or a planner.

Junk journals are a great way to collect ephemera.

They are the perfect place to store receipts, tags, and other memorabilia.

They also help you remember all kinds of things that happen in your life.

You can also use a junk journal as a scrapbook, including notes and to-do lists. And if you’re feeling creative, you can even use it as a daily planner!

Before you begin creating your junk journal, it’s important to decide what purpose you’d like it to serve.

This will provide you with focus and allow you to narrow down your choices. The more specific your purpose is, the better.

For example, if you’re looking to make a travel journal, for example, you may want to consider using a different type of paper.

Junk journals can be made from scrapbook paper, coffee filters, and other materials.

They can also have pockets, tuck spots, and envelopes. You can even add stamping, gluing, or stitching to make them more decorative.

Some junk journals even have “tuck spots” on the pages where you can place tags and other ephemera.

Junk journals are handmade books, utilizing found and recycled materials.

They can contain a variety of items, such as maps, illustrations, and postcards, and can be used to keep ideas and memories.

They can be a great gift or personal journal.

They also make great mood boards and project keepers.

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