Investigative Journalism in Russia

In a hostile Russia, investigative journalism flourished. The new outlets learned from Mr. Navalny’s example. However, the lack of financial resources prevented them from reaching a larger audience. This is a critical lesson for new outlets to remember. The first step toward overcoming these obstacles is to create a strong and viable business model. Investigative […]

Multimedia Journalism Certifications

Multimedia journalism is the practice of distributing news content through a variety of media, including the Internet. It’s a growing field, and there are a lot of great opportunities for those with the right skills. This article explores the career options and education and training required to pursue this career. It’s also important to consider […]

What Is a Beat in Journalism?

In journalism, a beat is a subject area or sector that you choose to report on. It involves working on a deadline, contacting and obtaining information from sources, and developing rapport with them. A beat reporter is often a journalist who specializes in a particular sector, organization, or institution. Reporting on a particular topic Reporting […]

Why Journalism Is Important

In a democracy, a well-informed citizenry is crucial to the success of a democratic process. Journalism keeps citizens informed of important issues, which makes them better able to make informed decisions. It also promotes healthy discussions and social cohesion. Finally, it helps to protect democracy. All of these benefits make journalism an important part of […]

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