How to Become a Fashion Journalist

A fashion journalist’s job requires a great deal of determination and self-confidence. In addition to being self-confident, this type of work demands that you leave your ego at the door and be prepared to stand in a scrum of reporters for 15 seconds, or even hours. Career options for fashion journalists There are a number […]

Capitol Hill Comic Strip Journalist

The Capitol Hill comic strip journalist is a woman whose job is to report the latest news from Capitol Hill. She is a self-proclaimed “citizen journalist” who is fascinated by the workings of government and how it affects people’s lives. She is based on Pat O’Haire, a reporter who started out as a copygirl for […]

What Is Sensationalism in Journalism?

Sensationalism is a common tactic used by news organizations to generate advertising revenues. It involves selecting topics and events to excite audiences. The more emotionally charged an event or story is, the more likely it is to generate large amounts of advertising revenue. Sensationalism can increase advertising revenues, but can also cause anxiety. News organizations […]

What Is a Journal Bearing?

The journal bearing is a simple yet effective way to eliminate friction from moving parts. It works by allowing the shaft to rotate inside a curved shell containing washers. The washers rotate independently to match the curvature of the shaft, reducing friction and increasing shaft stability. Journal bearings can be lubricated or dry to reduce […]

Is Journalism a Good Major?

Journalism is a major in communication, and you can pursue a Bachelor’s degree or a Doctorate in this field. This major offers career opportunities in print, broadcast, and online media. Depending on the type of job you want, you may be required to have some experience. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in journalism, […]

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