Literally at the moment bombs were bursting in air over Baghdad, ‘The Amy Goodman Nation,’ progressive radio programming/production unit which has already taken control of the Pacifica Radio Network, practically seized complete control of the airwaves of local Pacifica-owned WPFW-FM.

Now, morning drive time programming on WPFW in the nation’s capital includes predictable expanded anti-Iraq War II programming.

But the decision to make this programming change was apparently made without a whimper, and apparently with little collaboration from the local administration.

The Pacifica Foundation has long been “at war” with previous WPFW managers over the station’s African American-slanted cultural and music-dominated programming and the non-commercial radio station’s “Black” air sound.

One hour of morning drive-time Jazz music programming was abruptly seized from the WPFW 89.3FM schedule Wednesday March 12 when WPFW Program Director Ron Pinchback first announced at the conclusion of the morning newscast that “Democracy Now!”

hosted by Amy Goodman, would commence broadcasting for an additional hour at 8:00 AM that morning.

In an article in The Washington Post Monday March 10, the expanded scheduled was reported, though none of the station’s morning program hosts were informed until that March12 on-air announcement that there was even an active discussion about reformatting the morning time slot.

Ms. Goodman announced the expansion of her program at a Washington Peace rally March 8, and encouraged Posse Members of the Amy Goodman Nation to pressure station managers around the country to provide more airtime for the award-winning, unashamedly-leftist show which is now also a major source of on-air fundraising for the network’s five stations.

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