Which Muslims are Americans going to hate next?!

Poor America. She does not know what to do in the Muslim world.

One day, Muslims are unforgivable enemies. The next day some of those same Muslims are allies. Bosom buddies. And those Muslim allies will take America’s money as long as it gets handed out, but they’ll only do enough “fighting terrorism” on their own, only enough to keep getting America’s money.

Yasser Arafat is a prime example. He was vilified, morning, noon, and night, until he finally kicked the bucket. His successor, Mahmoud Abbas, the leader now of Fatah, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the PLO—was, for most of his time in power, not considered to be a reliable “partner for peace,” on whom the U.S. and Israel could rely. Until, that is, his party (after being trounced in free, Democratic elections last year) got into a shooting war with their militant counterparts, the Islamic Resistance movement, or Hamas.

But if you’d listened to America’s leaders 20 years ago, the Arabs who were held in the greatest contempt were the PLO. You couldn’t define a worse enemy to America than the PLO.

In the last 20 years, Libya has gone from unflappable foe to friend, with no formal relations with Washington. While Sudan has an embassy here, but is now at the top of the punish-at-all-costs-list, of both Democrats and Republicans.

Trust me. Those American allies in the Muslim world: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, will never, I repeat, will NEVER really crack down on the Islamic extremists in their midst. Not really, REALLY, crack down. That’s why Americans don’t even trust their closest friends in the Muslim world. Same with Egypt. Same with Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, the Coalition of the Billing. Okay, you name the place. Americans don’t trust the people or the leaders there either. Or there either.

The only thing America can accurately predict in the Muslim world, is that when declared by Mr. Bush, or by Sen. John McCain, or by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, or by Pat Robertson, or any of their successors, to be open enemies, all the Muslims will fight back against America. Are there any Muslim movements growing in Latin America? Are the Muslims making connections with Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Trinidad, Jamaica, Bermuda? Are they making converts there?

So now, and let me get this straight. Vice President Dick Cheney tells his Lap Dog, President George W. (For “Worst” in History) Bush that he must bomb Iran, because the President who succeeds him literally may not have the stones for it.

Only thing is, it would not be Bush 43 attacking Iran. He’ll be out of office before the real consequences to America will be felt. No. It would be the United States of America attacking Iran. Whatever retaliation Iran resorted to, would not be aimed at Crawford, Texas, but would be aimed at the U.S. and all its vital assets. The incoming President would be saddled with the failed Bush foreign policy: “Support The Troops!”

“Let’s fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here at home. Here, I’ll hold your coat,” says Mr. Bush. The new President succeeding W. would have to say: “I didn’t start the fight, but we’re Americans and we’ve got to finish it.” Another war with a Muslim country successfully engaged. How long will this one drag on? Maybe America could make it quick, by going to Smalltown, USA and drafting Clark Kent, Superman, Spiderman. Batman. Maybe America could send Robo-Cop, The Transformers, WWF Smackdown. Why not? They could make it quick war, over by the time the popcorn runs out.

If the Kennedy administration was “Camelot,” then this modern political arena is like a TV reality show. You could call it: “Let’s Make an Enemy.”

Iran is America’s Next Mortal Islamic Enemy. Anybody here speak Iranian, besides Smith & Wesson and Bradley? It’s Farsi.

Iran, which is the next-door neighbor to Iraq, fought a bloody 8-year-war with Iraq which was instigated by the U.S., is said by this country to be “meddling” in Iraq. But the U.S. which is 9,000 miles away has 160,000 troops and 180,000 private security mercenaries in the country, is just there in Iran’s next door neighbor in behalf of a choir of Angels waiting to sing, as soon as security permits. No one at the Pentagon ever read Tsun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” obviously.

No. They’re too busy trying to be like The Prince, written by the European Tsun Tzu—Niccolo Machiavelli. His rule, and obviously the Bush Policy: “It is better to be feared than to be loved.”

When America is through making it tough on the Islamic Republic of Iran, then Syria could be the next one in the cross-hairs. He bad. America’s bad.

Meanwhile, America doesn’t know what to do about Saudi Arabia. America can’t hate them (just yet), they’re the country’s No. 1 Arab Ally; No. 1 oil supplier; No. 1 weapons client. America will just have to keep a watchful eye on Mecca.

Which Muslims are Americans going to hate next?! Pakistan? America can’t trust Pakistan either. None of those Muslims over there can be trusted. None here either.

What’s America to do?

Altogether, now! For one thing: start living the Golden Rule—Love for you neighbor what you love for yourself! Otherwise, continue picking fights, with a succession of Muslims who Americans of both liberal and conservative persuasions quite obviously love to hate.

Can U.S. troops being dispatched to Armageddon be far off?

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