On the wrong side of history…again

Thomas Jefferson, the Third President of the United States was looking into the future perhaps, when he said: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

The Trans-Atlantic slave trade was thriving and legal when he said that. America, Good America, in-the-choir-with-the-angels America still, has never apologized for that cardinal sin, that crime against humanity. That genocide. Genocide. Ma’afa.

Will God’s justice sleep forever?

America is on the wrong side of a world-wide revolution, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., warned this country a generation ago. The immoral War in Vietnam was raging, America had not learned the lessons of history. Tsun Tzu. The Art of War. Fullness. Emptiness.

Hurricane Katrina. Abu Ghraib. America is still on the wrong side of a world-wide revolution. The illegal, immoral, war of aggression and occupation of Iraq is sucking America’s blood and treasure in a war America can never win, fighting against people whose creed aspires to martyrdom against the infidels. They live to die, fighting Americans. And Americans seem obliged to want to stay there and be fought with.

Will God’s justice sleep forever?

The mightiest military power in the world, brought to its knees, shamed by a determined Iraqi resistance, which America labels “terrorists.” Do the terrorists have more than 24 hours in each of their days to create mayhem, which Americans cannot contain, because there are fewer than 24 hours in each American day? Or is there something else, which has not been explained?

What’s tricky here, is that “American interests” as defined by this country’s behavior, are now defined by America’s military-industrial complex, which dictates policy based on “you must support the troops,” never mentioning that the troops are to be in combat from now on, in order to silence dissent (among other unintended consequences). Support the troops.

We fight wars of aggression which we can never win, against people who live to die fighting us, just to prove, that we Remember the Alamo and all that! Man law. That’s America’s policy, which like slavery, must be repudiated, otherwise American hypocrisy is apparent for all to see, and America continues to make the wrong foreign policy choices, because this boots-on-the-ground, or planes-over-your-cities, ships-in-your-waters, U.S. foreign policy is dead wrong, but is now being led by a maniacal cadre which is preying on a core of misguided, but “true believers.”

President Jimmy Carter is a good man. He tried to do good while he was President. But he was betrayed by an inside mob, which cut a deal with America’s 1979 “enemy du jour,” Iran. the Iranians had seized the American embassy in Tehran along with more than 400 hostages, not because they hate Americas because we’re free, but because this country gave sanctuary to the hated Shah Reza Pahlavi, who was deposed by an Islamic revolution, from the Peacock Throne, where he had been placed by this country’s government.

So, President Carter, a good man with a good heart. A Sunday School teacher, a decorated submarine commander was goaded by one or by the assortment of warhawks that have surrounded kings and presidents for time immemorial, into ordering a military strike against Iran, with members of the elite Delta Force leading the attack in a fleet of helicopters. The warhawks convinced President Carter that he must strike. The helicopters were grounded inside Iran, but far from their targets when a sandstorm hit them over the desert. The Delta Force defeated by a sand storm. America shamed for launching an attack that should never have been ordered!

That was back when American proxies could still blunt most indigenous freedom movements. Mobutu in Zaire, for example. Now, the Pentagon can’t trust the job to indigenous forces alone. There have got to be some American GI’s boots on the ground, before we can rest assured that the bad guys will be too busy killing American soldiers somewhere far away, they won’t have time to come to this country and kill innocent civilian Americans.

Will God’s justice sleep forever?

No one hates America for its beliefs, only wicked policies that penalize the poorest and the weakest, the most vulnerable, usually those with dark skin.

Will we see more “shoot-first, ask-questions-later” cowboy style of American diplomacy? Is Teddy Roosevelt still on Mt. Rushmore? My short answer is yes. Unless grits ain’t groceries. Eggs ain’t poultry. And Mona Lisa was a man.

Get out of Iraq. Apologize and give reparations for slavery! Stop perpetrating evil against the weak in the name of good causes and beliefs, that shield the wicked manipulators. Stop enabling and empowering wicked American rulers!

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