Republicans are incapable of governing U.S.

Richard Pryor tells a joke I’m fond of, which has political implications today. A younger Black man who is a junkie (a drug addict) tells an older Black man who is a wine-o (an alcoholic): “…Your problem is, you don’t know how to deal with the White man.”
Today we see Republicans doing practically the same thing to Democrats in this country. Republicans are incapable of successfully governing this country in a way that benefits all the people. their prime directive is to transfer wealth produced by the society as a whole to the masters who sit atop the financial pyramid.
Their method is transparent in this year’s presidential election as the secretive plutocrat, and vulture capitalist Mitt Romney is viewed as even being in contention to win this year’s presidential election. Despite the fact that he’s hiding the truth about his “legal” but ill-gotten wealth from the voting public by refusing to release his tax returns, there has not been a deafening chant from people throughout the society demanding to see his tax returns.
In the one year’s return (2010) Romney released, a ton of dirt came to the surface–off-shore business holdings in tax havens, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, and a secret Swiss bank account. He still hasn’t filed his 2011 return (which he is legally permitted to hold back until Oct. 17) because he hasn’t cleaned up his records sufficiently to hide the dirt that must be in that return as well.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has declared that a reliable source who apparently knows about Romney’s tax returns told him that for 10 years the multi-millionaire paid no taxes at all. Republican operatives have called Reid “a liar” and demanded that he reveal his source of this information. Oh, fellows, that’s not how that works. Reid has no obligation to reveal who told him they peeked at Romney’s tax returns. Romney has an obligation to reveal his returns–as his father George Romney did for 12 years when he ran for President in 1968–in order to prove the Democrat wrong. It’s Romney who’s running for President here, not Reid.
The Republican controlled House of Representatives proved their inability to govern over the last 18 months of this 112th Congress. They voted again and again on what the Democrats labeled “Bills to Nowhere” because they had absolutely no chance of ever becoming law, because they would never see the light of day in the Senate and because the President would surely veto them if they ever reached his desk.
For example, the GOP in the House held 33 votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, legislation they like to call “Obamacare.” Never mind that the law was upheld by the Supreme Court, they pressed forward anyway, again and again and again and again. That’s the way to create gridlock, that is not how to govern.
But this inability to compromise, to legislate, to govern, did not start with the ascension of the Tea Party in 2010. In 1980 when Ronald Reagan became President, he rode in on the tide of condemning so-called “Welfare Queens,” and then commenced to give massive tax breaks to the rich, running up huge deficits in the process. When Reagan’s Vice President and successor George H.W. Bush came to power, he was not re-elected because he made a decision to raise taxes to pay for Reagan’s extravagance. That decision was necessary for the good of the country, otherwise terrible, draconian budget cuts would have savaged public programs. Bush “41” made a decision that was ultimately good governing policy, but which for him was political suicide.
When Bush 41’s son George W. (for Worst in history) Bush became President he gave more tax cuts to the wealthy and at the same time propagated two wars. Both were unnecessary. One of them–Iraq–was clearly both immoral and illegal. And by the way, his ruinous policies even further bankrupted the country and his greedy rich friends, not content with generous tax refunds, drove the nation’s economy into the ditch with their greedy hedge-fund, and predator mortgage deals. Republicans do not have the will or the wisdom to govern. They have a one-note-samba: tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts.
Look around the country at Republican-led state governments, from Wisconsin, to Ohio, to Michigan, to South Carolina, to Louisiana, to Texas, they are running those states into the ditch, while pocketing boat loads of money for themselves by short-selling their own constituents. Have they no shame? Don’t answer that.
In this metaphor, governing the country is synonymous with “the White man,” and the Republicans are like the young junkie telling the old wine-o: “You don’t know how to deal with him…” the sad thing is, they don’t know any better.

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