White voters prefer White candidates

White people in America have a real penchant for transferring their guilty behavior onto other people. What’s more they are constantly getting away with it. It’s called blaming the victims for the crimes.

In the realm of electoral politics they say that the only reason Black people support Pres. Barack Obama is because he’s Black. While in fact they’ve already run the numbers to figure out what percentage of the White vote former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will have to get in order to offset Obama’s 96 percent approval from Blacks.

So there may be more than a kernel of truth in that supposition, because the President has done much more to help all people in this society than he has to help the neediest. And wouldn’t you know it; Black people are disproportionately represented at the bottom of this country’s food chain, and are therefore suffering disproportionately. But there is no special relief coming for them, not from this White House. And Black people still support him overwhelmingly.

If White folks said Bill Clinton was the first “Black President,” then they’ve said that Barack Obama is the first Jewish President, and now he’s the first “Gay President.”

Black people still support Pres. Obama, even though he hasn’t thrown them a special lifeline, for one thing because he hasn’t messed up (yet), horrendously betraying the public trust with a young intern, or by launching an unjust and un-winnable war.

Maybe it’s the “coolness factor.” When Obama did the “brush-off” thing like entertainer Jay-Z in a video, the President won the hearts of all Black folks younger than 35. When he turned around and crooned a few bars of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” he permanently won the hearts of all Black folks older than 45. Had he done his version of Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalk” when he was giving the Barnard College commencement address he would have gotten more views on YouTube than Kony.

The fact of the matter is that “a new large-scale study shows that racial attitudes have already played a substantial role in 2012, during the Republican primaries. They may play an even larger role in this year’s presidential election,” Molly McElroy wrote for the University of Washington, according to Richard Prince’s online column “Journal-isms.” The notion that Obama’s election ushered in the “post-racial” age is just a myth to lull Black people to sleep about ongoing racism in this country.

“The study, led by psychologists at the University of Washington, shows that between January and April 2012 eligible voters who favored whites over blacks–either consciously or unconsciously–also favored Republican candidates relative to Barack Obama,” according to McElroy.

White folks might say they don’t like Obama because of the economy, or because of this, that, or the other, but the real deal is their conscious or unconscious racial attitudes influencing the way they’ll vote.

“In the study, a majority of White eligible voters showed a pattern labeled ‘automatic white preference’ on a widely used measure of unconscious race bias. Previous studies indicate that close to 75 percent of white Americans show this implicit bias,” Mahzarin Banaji, a psychology professor at Harvard University and one of the study’s collaborators wrote.

So the President–like all Democratic presidential candidates since 1972–lost the “White vote” in 2008. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) carried the White vote by a margin of 55 percent to 43 percent over then Sen. Obama. An analysis in the Daily Kos has done the math. Gov. Romney will have to keep the President from winning more than 38 percent of the White vote in order for him to win.

So now it’s all starting to make sense. Voter suppression efforts have gone from individual voting precincts to statewide legislative campaigns in at least 20 states where so-called Voter ID laws have been put into place. So now, Black people who were “American enough” to chop and pick cotton for generations, and to perform every other kind of undesirable task for little or no pay, are now all of a sudden ineligible to vote because they don’t have some state issued driver’s license or other ID card? Right!

And now, all of Gov. Romney’s code-switching, dog-whistle, race-based campaign jingles, which resonate in the bosom of all true genetically-recessive White folks make sense. White voters get it all right. Those Black voters are only going to vote for Pres. Obama because he’s Black, and if we leave it to those Muslim-Communist, Black voters, they’ll put Kenya-born Obama back into the White House, and he’ll just ruin this country that was getting along just fine when White people were solidly in charge and Black people knew that their place was behind Whites, and they politely stayed there, thank you.

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