Sudan and the “genocide pimps”

African or Arab Sudanese youth? 

I just can’t get a handle on what’s really going on in Sudan.

My base instinct is to dismiss all of the full page ads and high profile media criticism of whatever the atrocities there , as theater intended to upend an Islamic government…an Islamic government that just happens to be in the largest, and one of the most mineral rich countries on the African continent. An Islamic government that has ports on the Red Sea, the head waters of the Nile River, rich agricultural potential, and which borders on nine–count them–nine other African nations. Sudan has the potential of being a bridge between Islamic (Arab) North Africa and Bantu (Black) Sub-Saharan Africa. In my book, that makes Sudan, an “enemy” of Judeo-Christian Imperialism, by simple definition.

And did I say that Sudan has vast un-developed oil resources, not to mention that Sudan supplies the U.S. 80 percent of its gum arabic, an essential product in soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi and 7-Up? But the subject of gum arabic and Coke has become a big headline joke. Sanctions against Sudan will cause Americans to lose weight and be healthier because there will be fewer soft drinks available. Hardy, har, har, har. That kind of smugness is just par for the course for White folks.

It stands to reason. No self respecting White man in the United States or Europe would be comfortable with a vast, rich, Islamic country in Africa, which is not ravaged by AIDS, ever having a peaceful moment in which to develop and grow strong, maybe even becoming a role model for its neighbors. Duh.

So, Sudan is a very, very big target, and the mischief makers from the West have been busy there for decades!

The biggest fraud perpetrated against Sudan was the charge that the “Arab Muslims” in the country’s North, where the capital Khartoum is located, were engaged in slave traffic among Animist and Christian “Black Africans” from the South. That campaign went on for years, and involved many very well respected Black Christian former Civil Rights leaders in the echo chamber, amplifying the baseless charges. Eventually, the allegations of “slavery” in Sudan were exposed as a hoax. Bogus.

Besides, Sudan’s so-called “Arab” leaders, are Africans. While they are nowhere near as dark-skinned as the “blue-black” Juba people in Southern Sudan, they would definitely be considered “Black” in this country. In fact, four of Washington, DC’s five elected Mayors (Adrian Fenty, Anthony Williams, Sharon Pratt Kelly, and Walter Washington) are lighter-skinned than Sudan’s current President Omar al-Bashir.

But the anti-Sudan campaign back then (I dare say with the same financiers and outraged voices leading that campaign as those who are railing against Khartoum today) may have prolonged the tragic North-South Civil War in Sudan, by encouraging Southerners not to reach a peace agreement until 2005. All but one of the 20 Southern rebel movements reached agreement two years earlier.

So now, here comes President George W. (for “worst” U.S. President ever) Bush, declaring that what’s going on in Sudan’s Darfur region amounts to genocide. I don’t know the truth of what’s going on there, and there is an obvious humanitarian disaster going on, but if I have to take W’s word for it, then, I would just as soon take my chances betting on “The Blacks,” which, by the way, is what the word “Sudan” means.

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