Popular lies about Libya

When it comes to news about Libya, absolutely no one can be trusted.

When I say “no one” I expect to be included in that count because what I’ve got to say about the subject runs counter to what the U.S. government and its NATO allies have to say; runs counter to what is reported every day in the U.S. corporate-owned media; and is even contrary to what is reported by so-called “progressive” news outlets like Al Jazeera English, and even Pacifica Radio’s Free Speech Radio News.

I came to the conclusion that absolutely everybody has gotten into the tank on this one, when I saw two particular stories last week. I won’t even deal with the corporate-owned media lies about Libya because I am convinced that if their lips are moving when they are reporting a story about Libya, they’re lying.

The first preposterous report was a throw-away line in a brief story on Free Speech Radio News. The story was about the latest allied bombing effort in Tripoli, aimed at Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qaddafi’s compound (why it is necessary to target for assassination the leader of a government which still formally has diplomatic relations with this country in order to purportedly “protect civilian lives” is beyond me. There was a time, despite the obvious rhetorical contradiction, when it was considered “uncivilized” in war to target the opposition leader, because with whom would you negotiate the conditions of surrender, but I digress. Suffice it that NATO says Qaddafi’s residence is part of the country’s evil “command and control”).

The FSRN report said the Libyan leader was staging demonstrations around his compound, and that was evidence that he was willing to “use his own people as human shields.” Balderdash!

Just how would any dictator dupe a bunch of silly chumps to volunteer to be human shields in the face of daily bombing by the mightiest military force ever unleashed on the African continent? Would said dictator round up the patsies at gunpoint and then force them to stay in place lest they be mowed down by jack-booted troops? Or maybe, just maybe, there are people who believe in the “cause” their leader represents (real “values,” not some form of cult worship) strongly enough that they would risk their lives to try to defend that cause! I prefer to believe that scenario rather than the propagandistic “human shields” story.

Then, Al Jazeera English put out the bromide that Qaddafi had resorted to rape as a weapon in a war against his own people, and that in order to better facilitate that “military strategy” his troops were being given allotments of Viagra to turn his soldiers into real “studs.” Never mind the fact that there is an armed insurrection aided by a horrific bombing campaign carried out by Africa’s former colonial powers going on around the clock in their country. If this news report is to be believed, Qaddafi was telling his boys to take a few hours off from the front-lines and go “get busy” back home.

How gullible do these news agencies believe the public to be? And we the public, because Qaddafi has been painted for us by these self-same media outlets to be a “madman,” we just swallow the bait, hook, line, and sinker, without so much as a second thought. Uh-m-m-m. Tastes like chicken.

Well, former Green Party presidential candidate and five-term member of Congress, Rep. Cynthia McKinney led a six-member, so-called “Dignity Delegation” to Libya recently. On her return she plans to launch a national tour to raise money to pay for the trip, just to rule out the slander that their trip was paid for by Qaddafi.

On state-sponsored broadcasts while in Libya, McKinney said that “despite Western media portrayals of Qaddafi as a crazy madman, to (McKinney) and other African-oriented activists, he’s ‘a hero of African rights,'” according to an email she sent June 8.

I spoke with Dedon Kamathi, a former Southern California Black Panther Party member and community activist who now hosts the program “Freedom Now” on Pacifica Radio station KPFK-FM in Los Angeles, and with videographer Joshalyn Lawrence. Both were members of the Dignity Delegation. They agreed with McKinney’s declaration that there is widespread support for Qaddafi’s government, inside Libya.

“The bombing yesterday started at 11:00 a.m. and went nonstop until we went to sleep around 11:30 p.m. and we counted 89 blasts in the Tripoli area,” McKinney said.

That delegation was in so much danger, Kamathi told me that before he left, he made out his last will and testament, just in case, I guess, something happened to him and a news report might have tried to wrongfully characterize him as a “human shield.”

One thought on “Popular lies about Libya

  1. Gaddafi lied not only about President Obama (which is bad enough!); he also lied about President Obama’s Muslim relatives, who happen to be Kenyan. That’s what dictators do–lie, lie, lie! Has anyone forgotten Adolph Hitler??

    I have no sympathy or pity for Gaddafi. African hero?? No way!! Whether he lives or dies now is in Almighty God’s Hands.