The ‘King’ of Homeland Hypocrisy

Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) is the undisputed Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and in my view the uncrowned “King of Homeland Hypocrisy.”

In what critics described as nothing less than a modern-day form of McCarthyism and unbridled scapegoating, King tried his best to stoke fear and hatred against Muslims in this country by convening a day-long hearing March 10 on the “radicalization” of the Muslim community.

Let me make it clear today that I remain convinced that these hearings must go forward, and they will. To back down would be a craven surrender to political correctness and an abdication of what I believe to be the main responsibility of this committee: to protect America from a terrorist attack,” King said in his opening remarks.

His hearings did little to protect America. There is no “legislation” associated with his witchhunt, a so-called “legislative hearing.” No laws are pending no laws are proposed. It was simply a chance to unload against the Muslim community, while ignoring other potential home-grown terror suspects.

“Indeed, by the Justice Department’s own record, not one terror-related case in the last two years involved neo-Nazis, environmental extremists, militias or antiwar groups,” King said, a flat-out untruth, ignoring reports from law enforcement and civil rights groups pointing out crimes by racists and anti-abortion killers, among others.

In fact, just one day before the anti-Muslim hearing, the FBI made an arrest in this year’s foiled Martin Luther King Holiday bombing attempt in Spokane, Wash. News reports identify the suspect as as Kevin Harpham, a member as recently as 2004 of the National Alliance, the same white supremacist group that influenced Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Furthermore, The Hill newspaper reported recently that the FBI said that about two-thirds of all terrorism in this country between 1980 and 2001 was committed by non-Islamic American extremists. Between 2001 and 2005, according to the same report, that figure went up to 95 percent.

In the eyes of many observers, the hearing resembled those held in the 1950s by disgraced Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisc.), who falsely claimed to have evidence that Communists had infiltrated high positions in the U.S. government.

Ironically, Committee Chairman King’s own hands are not concerning his own past support for “terrorists.” When King, was a local politician on New York’s Long Island in the 1980s, he “was one of the most zealous American defenders of the militant IRA and its campaign to drive the British out of Northern Ireland,” The Washington Post reported March 5. “He argued that IRA violence was an inevitable response to British repression and that the organization had to be understood in the context of a centuries-long struggle for independence.”

“‘The British government is a murder machine,’ King said. He described the IRA, which mastered the car bomb as an instrument of urban terror, as a ‘legitimate force.’ And he compared Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA’s political wing, to George Washington,” according to the newspaper report.

Worse still, Rep. Peter King literally has blood on his hands.

Shortly after he came to Congress he led the attacks in the 1990s against Nation of Islam security firms which had contracts to provide security for troubled inner-city housing complexes. The contracts were awarded after members of NOI Mosque No. 4 in Washington–and their fabled squad called “The Dope Busters” successfully cleaned up the Mayfair Mansions and Paradise Manor complex–disarming armed drug thugs and driving them out, without a single casualty.

DC’s Clifton Terrace had been as wild as a scene from the movie “New Jack City” until the NOI Security firm took over. They rendered the complex safe and crime free, for two whole years, without so much as one single arrest (!) until the Muslim-haters in Congress–led by Rep. Peter King–threatened to withhold HUD funding.

The successful security contract with the NOI Security firm was cancelled, the Muslims left Clifton Terrace, and within TWO WEEKS after their departure there was a murder of an innocent resident on the grounds.

I hold the IRA-terrorist-loving, peaceful-Muslim-hating, Congress member Peter King responsible for that innocent death in Washington, DC, and I declare that man–Rep. Peter King–who is Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, to be “The King of Homeland Hypocrisy.”

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