The Washington NFL Team Needs a New Owner!

This year will mark the 518th anniversary of the “discovery” of the “New World” by Christopher Columbus. For the last 17 years plus, Native American groups have officially and publicly protested the name of the Washington NFL franchise because they say it is a racial epithet. I agree.

For the last 17 years I have refused to repeat the name of the team, and I try to gently correct people (even in the Barbershop) when they toss that disgusting name around.

I point out to anyone who will listen to me that they would not cheer for a team called the “Washington Picaninnies,” or the “Washington Kikes,” or the “Washington Chinks…” I think you get the idea. A slur is a slur, is a slur.

My Merriam-Webster 11th Collegiate Dictionary defines the name “redskin” as a “noun, usually offensive: American Indian.”

Wikipedia says: “The term is controversial and considered by some to be offensive.”So, what part of insult do people who cling to that descriptor not get? Most especially, the “stupid, incompetent, or foolish person” who is the owner of the Washington NFL franchise: what is it about offensive that he does not understand?The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office actually rejected the team’s exclusive license to use the logo and name because it is offensive, but the decision was reversed in court because a statute of limitations expired before the claimants involved complained. Another case is proceeding through the courts with younger Native American plaintiffs.

Doofus Dan Snyder is the stupid, incompetent, foolish owner of the Washington NFL team. His stupid antics are the stuff of legend. He recently sued a 72-year-old woman who could no longer afford season tickets because she had financial trouble. Now, he has sued the Washington City Paper for libel over an unflattering article about him.

No one told Doofus Dan that libel cases are difficult at best for celebrities like him to win? Truth is an absolute defense in libel cases, meaning that if what was written in the City Paper article: “The Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder” is truthful; he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Furthermore, celebrities such as he is, must prove malice on the part of the publication alleged to have committed the libel in order to prevail in court. Lots of luck with that lawsuit my man.

It’s a good thing Doofus Dan is not on trial…for hypocrisy maybe? He is campaigning in the Court of Public Opinion that he was also defamed because he is Jewish. He says the photo illustration accompanying the article is anti-Semitic, because the photo shows him with drawn-on horns and facial hair.

When asked recently in an interview on WJFK-FM if there was any irony in his racial complaint, considering that Native Americans have sued him over his team’s nickname, Doofus Dan was duplicitous, and he exposed his own stupidity.

“Obviously, you have not read some of the history of the Redskins and the name of the team and what it means,” he told interviewer Mike Wise. “You’ve seen a lot of lawsuits and a lot of victories by the Redskins overcoming those lawsuits… The name [Redskins] is not meant to be offensive whatsoever. To compare that [to the illustration] is silly.” Please refer to the simple, unambiguous Merriam-Webster and Wikipedia definitions above Doofus Dan Snyder and your PR team.

He’s really got an axe to grind with the Washington City Paper here. His legal suits warned the owners of the recently-out-of-bankruptcy newspaper that his pockets are so deep and his anger is so stoked, that he could drag the legal proceedings on until they cost more than the newspaper itself is worth.

Big man. Throwing his money around. Dare I repeat the Webster’s definition of “doofus” once again? A: “stupid, incompetent, or foolish person.” And if he wins the lawsuit, he will donate the proceeds to the homeless.

I’ve got an idea. Why not save us all the drama of a court fight? Why not just donate the legal fees to bring this frivolous lawsuit to the homeless and cut out the middle-man?

And then, why doesn’t the team go shopping for an owner who will concentrate on putting together a quality organization from the ground up, so that a winning team with a name that does not offend any racial group can take the field every week?

Or would that be too much like a smart, competent, and wise owner?

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