White Americans: What is your “Cause?”

Front Page Headline: “Almost a lost Cause”

An Army officer, now deceased complained about the futility of his platoon’s assignment in Afghanistan, months before he led his men on a mission which cost his life and the lives of several others, fighting to defend a position which U.S. commanders eventually abandoned. Futility indeed.

So, as I read on about this un-winnable battle in this un-winnable war, I wondered,, and I wished I could dialogue with White people: “Why are all your sons fighting and dying on mountaintops in Afghanistan?”

“What is the ‘Cause’ for which your blood and treasure is being spent?”

These generals, these commanders who are leading this war are much better educated than I am. They’ve read all the little quotations I’m about to throw up, and then some. They’ve read Tsun Tsu’s classic 2,500-year-old book “The Art of War.” They know all about fragile supply lines dooming all troops in combat, including theirs.

These generals, these commanders have all read that “Afghanistan is the place where Empires go to die.” They know that to be true. They know about Alexander The Great’s demise in Afghanistan. The British, the Russians. So these American leaders must have a far better reason–a “Higher” Cause, so to speak–for flinging their lives and the lives of their brave sons and daughters into that pit, where many of the indigenous people they’re fighting against would practically rather fight than dine.

So, what’s your “Cause” in Afghanistan, White America?

You know, you cannot win this “Clash of Civilizations” you’ve arranged with the Islamic world, by winning it. You know that’strue.

Let me say that again. “You cannot win this war by winning!” You will never force the Afghans to unconditionally surrender to you. You, after all, are fighting and dying on mountains, 9,000 miles from your homeland, which have been their home for many millennia. They are fighting to protect their Motherland, their Fatherland. So, what again are you fighting for in Afghanistan?

Are you trying to prove to the world again, that a fight is not over until YOU say it is over? Well, say it’s over, for crying out loud!

What is your “Cause” in Afghanistan? 9-11? Al-Qaeda? Bin Laden?

You cannot win by winning. You need a new strategy. You can’t win by winning.

How many more Afghans by the thousands must die before you come to your senses concerning wars of aggression, or even retalliation. How many more Americans by the dozens must die there before you come to your senses concerning wars of aggression?

I’m directing this rhetorical appeal directly to White People because I believe every body else in this country (all the other “stakeholders” so to speak) would walk away from the conflict and find a way to let bygones be bygones. But not White Guys.

Even though many of these top generals and top commanders already know that the War in Afghanistan cannot be won, they won’t tell that truth to the decision-makers. So, they keep fabricating one scenario after another by which they argue the U.S. can “prevail,” can win. They know that President Obama does not want to be the leader who “lost Afghanistan.” None of them want to be the soldiers who “lost Afghanistan.”


Too bad. They don’t understand. The war in Afghanistan cannot be won by winning! Somebody tell the Republicans. Somebody tell the Confederates. Somebody tell the White Guys: their time for winning wars of conquest are far behind them.

I ask the question, “What is the ‘Cause’ for which White People want to keep fighting in Afghanistan?” because I believe that if they answer that question honestly, they will not be able to provide a justification that’s worth the lives of not one more innocent Afghan civilian, not one more American soldier.

Answer the question: “What is your ‘Cause’ in Afghanistan?”

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