Mayor Adrian Fenty, a big disappointment!

I am sorely disappointed with the job being done by D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty.

It’s not personal. Let me begin by declaring I support the decision to give his children preferred admission into an elite D.C. Public School. It is not unfair to other children in the system that the Mayor’s children should be granted special consideration. My son received it. He was admitted into Hearst Elementary School, instead of West Elementary, simply because of a compelling case for an exception made by his mother.

At the same time, I am not especially perturbed that the swimming pool at “the” recreation center where His Nibs swims daily got “Pimped Out” with heaters and other World Class improvements. There’s nothing wrong with installing the accouterments at the pool where Da’ Mayor swims every day to train for triathlons and such… They had to put the fancy stuff somewhere… Why not at his pool? It’s public property isn’t it…

So, I don’t have any beef with the outcome of those matters concerning Mayor Adrian Fenty.

But as far as the way he has governed is concerned, I am gravely disappointed with the job being done by the Mayor. I’m even concerned that there are sinister “hidden agendas” in some of his policies and decisions.

I am bothered by the utter contempt Mayor Fenty seemed to show toward our Queen Mother, Dr. Dorothy Height, and to Poet Dr. Maya Angelou, when he reneged on two appointments made by these Royal women to discuss the Recreation List Committee and its tenancy in the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center built from the ground up by the determination and good reputation of Mrs. Cora Masters Barry. That seems like arrogant disrespect by the Mayor shown toward women who deserve the utmost respect.

So does he want to give the beautiful facility on Mississippi Ave., S.E. to the pro-tennis crowd which has been playing tourneys on the parking lot where the old D.C. Convention Center used to stand? Is that his motive? Is that his hidden agenda?

I’m glad Superior Court Judge Judith Macaluso barred the D.C. government from evicting Mrs. Barry from the facility. The closing would force students who rely on the Wish List programs to face “irreparable harm” the judge said.

Closing 13 Recreation Center-housed childcare centers, primarily in Wards 6, 7, and 8, resulting in the termination of 160 workers and the “privatization” of childcare for low-wage families who are least able to afford the resultant Country Club prices, is terribly wrong-headed public policy, in my opinion. But that’s what the mayor is doing.

“These closings are harming DC residents and workers, will prevent parents from working, and will put children in unsafe environments,” said Parisa Norouzi of Empower DC which has vocally protested the mayor’s policies at D.C. Council meetings.

“Irreparable harm…” “…harming DC residents…” I’m beginning to see (or rather smell) a pattern here. I don’t like the looks of it.

So here comes this deal where Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and the Mayor say that the school budget has been low-balled to the tune of $40 million, and so they’re going to have to lay-off 550 workers. But Council Chairman Vincent Gray pointed out that the schools are funded this year exactly what they were funded last year, and that the system’s attendance has just reached projected levels after late registrations were added in.

But hey, didn’t the schools just hire 700 NEW teachers this summer? And can’t the Chancellor now fire teachers at will, with no regard for seniority? Chairman Gray suggests that’s a sinister plot to replace older teachers and union members, with new hires. More of the same.

But maybe the cheekiest thing of all that he’s done (maybe next to hijacking $400,000 in 2007 intended for D.C. Emancipation Day celebration, and turning it into a failed “voting rights” march) was his decision to let someone in the Recreation Department name an athletic field after him. The Adrian “Big Daddy Warbucks” Fenty Field (really a handsome soccer field) is a state of the art installation, complete with bleachers to seat 250, located at Tubman Elementary School. Tres chic!

At least finish one term without being impeached or recalled before you start invoking imperial naming rights on yourself, Mr. Mayor. Can your own Post Office (or in the interest of your penchant for privatizing everything, a FedEx Office) be too far off in the future? I’ve got a serious case of buyer’s remorse about this deal, especially since I’m convinced he’s about to be re-elected.

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