Why not Medicare for all?


It doesn’t matter how you dice it–swastikas this time, nooses in the past, and don’t forget lynchings–there is a consistent theme in American White male thinking which must be openly repudiated if America is to survive, let alone reform the healthcare industry: and that is: “If you’re White you’re right. If you’re Black get back.”

This healthcare debate has brought all kinds of skeletons out of the closets. It even goes deeper than some White Guys just wanting to re-decide the Civil War in favor of the Confederacy, they really want to re-decide The Crusades of 1,000 years ago. And they’ve got a lot of White people gung-ho about it!

So, all of this swastika painting at the office of Georgia Congressional Black Caucus member David Scott is like a burning cross in the days of yore, by someone who did not want to get arrested: Send the message of racial hatred, but don’t show your face.

A lot of this hatred is coming to the surface now, because there is a Black President of the United States. And that is what is so counter-intuitive in the typical white supremacist-mind and is the source of confusion and frustration. “Now therefore you are cursed, and some of you shall always be slaves, and hewers of wood and drawers of water for the house of my God.”–Joshua 9:23. That verse from the Bible, True Believers believe, refers to Black folks.

That is why there can be no Medicare for all in the United States, because it can’t be segregated for Whites only. And because of that, many average, White people have been led to believe that there is this huge population residing here, which does not deserve the same privileges and protections as they do.

The European (especially Scandinavian) countries and Canada which have Medicare-for-all-type plans don’t have huge populations (in their minds) of undeserving Black people in their midst, just having babies and living off the fat of the land.

Why not Medicare for all–or as it’s sometimes referred to as “Single Payer,” or now even a meager “public option”–in American healthcare reform? Because too many White people in this country, feel that Black people are unworthy of decent healthcare, education, accommodations, you name it, they think Black people don’t deserve it!

So, this White, wing-nut-birther-fringe is growing on the coattails of the insurance and pharmaceutical-industry-financed anti healthcare-reform agenda and it has convinced enough folks to oppose what’s in their own best interests because Black folks would get it too, until they have effectively emasculated President Obama’s plan, and The Prez appears to be willing to go along with the castration.

White, working-class voters have been organized by the right wing, according to Dr. Ronald Walters, professor of political science at the University of Maryland. And they have been “egged-on by their leadership, to oppose everything that the (President)’s done,” even when it’s against their own interests.

“The thing that the Republicans have had a tradition of doing, is mobilizing poor people against their own interests,” Dr. Walters told me. “That’s one of the amazing things to me that they have been able to do it. What it appears they’re able to sell them, is a subtle version of White supremacy, which allows them to privilege that over any policy gains they might make.”

This might explain willing Southern White participation the Civil War, their willingness to die to preserve slavery. Coming up next year White folks will be celebrating the 150th year since that Southern Confederate secession (treason).

Their formula is a simple one. Christian, segregationist, White Democrats–so-called “Dixiecrats”–ruled the South, and gained seniority in Congress telling White voters six “truths:” 1. the federal government’s a threat; 2. federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 3. taxes are bad; 4. unions need to be eliminated; 5. you have a lousy hospital; 6. but at least you’re White.

And it worked for them until the Republican “Southern Strategy” flipped that script. Since then, American leaders fought the Iraq war and are now fighting the Afghanistan war telling White Guys a modified version of the same “truths:” 1. the federal government’s the enemy; 2. taxes are bad; 3. the federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 4. unions are bad; 5. you may have no health insurance; 6. but at least you’re an American.

Now, the same shock troopers are being enlisted again, to fight for something that is not in their best interest in this healthcare war. That’s why theirs is no Medicare-for-all-option in this healthcare reform debate, and there’s not likely to be one.

At the same time, the watered-down plan that eventually gets adopted doesn’t get the job done, and the radical right gets what it wants for Pres. Obama: a big failure.

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