Obama on Nov. 5: A Brand New Day

I’ve been so busy watching the presidential “horse-race” (and especially the skin-color-aspects of this historic campaign) until I almost didn’t notice that an even more epic battle is being decided–the very destiny of the country. Unless there is a massive breech in the fabric of the entire nation’s fitness to govern itself on the level of Tianamen Square Nov. 4, and unless I entirely miss my guess: Wednesday Nov. 5 (or more particularly Tuesday Jan. 20, 2009) will see a brand new era for the U.S. and the world.

I’ve believed since February that there was a certainty where there’s normally randomness and a purpose where there’s normally serendipity about everything that has anything to do with the Obama for President Campaign of 2008. But even when I thought there must be a Divine Hand guiding the goings and comings of the Illinois Senator, I read a scripture where Almighty God “hardened Pharaoh’s heart,” concerning the Children of Israel, so He (God) could destroy Pharaoh rather than forgive Pharaoh for doing right by the Hebrews.

There were many times–after Sen. Obama secured the Democratic Party nomination, when I was reminded that an unpopular incumbent party, with two unpopular wars, and a failing economy could not possibly win the White House–when I feared that God had hardened America’s heart to Sen. Obama, that he would be rejected by the people, and America would follow the Neo Conservatives, marching to destruction into that Red Sea. But now it seems people may vote what they think is in their best interest, where this Black man is concerned, rather than their White supremacist inclinations.

Beyond that pretty special plateau, the country will also be poised–by way of Democratic Party gains in both the House and the Senate–to finally wrest control of the entire government apparatus out of the hands of bureaucrats with that Southern, White-male mentality. Before Mr. Obama, the only Presidents not from the South over the last 75 years were Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy (Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan don’t count because they were both “Southern Californians,” and they both got elected according to Nixon’s anti-Civil Rights, apartheid-like, “Southern Strategy”).

With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) firmly wresting the leadership of those bodies from its mid 1990s-trough when Neo-Confederates, Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and Senate Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) ruled the roost, a Pres. Obama will see a vastly different political landscape in Congress than did Presidents Kennedy, Carter or Clinton. It may really be for the better.

Lots of Black folks have been saying for a long time: “It’s just like White people, to give the presidency to a Brother when the country’s falling apart.” That’s true. But what if…what if he is successful? After all, Barack Hussein Obama is a brilliant, Magna Cum Laude, Harvard educated, Constitutional scholar. Maybe he can get something done. Who knows? Is he sincere? Or is he just another “politician?”

“It’s looking more and more to me that Obama has a very good chance of running the table on (Sen.) McCain, winning Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada, and then coming close and possibly even winning Georgia, West Virginia, North Dakota, and Montana,” Dr. David Bositis, Senior Research Fellow at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies told me. That would contribute to an Electoral College landslide.

What that really means, Dr. Bositis explained, is that if Sen. Obama picks off Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia, and continues to build his “New South” with Texas and Georgia in the next 10 years, nobody will care politically, of what’s left of the old Confederacy, those “old southern” states still clinging to guns and racist ideology. Now that’s radical.

For the first time in my lifetime I may live to see an America where a true merit-ocracy rules, where there’s true value found and put to good use from the Marketplace of Ideas, and where that divisive racist, exploitive White-supremacist, male ideology doesn’t rule. That, I assure you, if it’s part of the incoming Obama Nation, will herald the dawning of a Brand New Day for America!

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