Obama must play by all the rules

There’s no question about it, if Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is elected President, he will really undergo some scrutiny!

These Hockey Moms and NASCAR Dudes who are becoming the new Republican “post-Redneck” constituency are not going to just stand at attention when Hail To The Chief is played by the Marine Corps Band for President Obama just because he’s the President. No. They are going to fight, hammer and tong to defeat him, his policies, and everything he ever stood for once he gets in office just as enthusiastically as they sought to keep him from being elected in the first place.

They will not be won over. They are permanent haters. They will scour the public record, get credentials and attend every press conference asking annoying, nagging questions which they craft to make everything Western, corporate and White, seem right, and everything that Mr. Obama looks like and stands for seem evil, different. The mantra they feed their masses: 1. the federal government’s the enemy; 2. taxes are bad; 3. the federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 4. unions are bad; 5. you may have no health insurance; 6. but at least you’re an American…a working White American who wants to keep his guns and his Bible, You Betcha!

These rabid conservatives will never relent. They will beleaguer officials of the Obama administration with questions which emphatically reinforce the truth of those just mentioned six Prime Directives. Mistakes must not be tolerated.

So, every single decision Mr. Obama makes if he becomes President, must be for the sake of what’s Good and True. Mistakes must not be tolerated. For his good to be good, it must be done seeking no favor or gain. If he becomes President, Barack Obama must be good, ready or not.

No one the new President appoints to any position, commission, or panel can have any taint of scandal. There are enough talented, qualified people who would be eager to serve, for free, if only they had an opportunity. Break up the “Old Boys Network.”

I’ve been around struggling institutions and seen enough trampled ambitions, to have encountered more than my share of “Shade Tree Mechanics.” What’s inside the Barack Obama political machine? Shade Tree engineering? So far, there has been no cousin of someone’s cousin in the Obama campaign who’s been accused of hustling federal contracts out of the back of his Escalade. That’s a comfort.

Before I heard him speak at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I thought that Craig Robinson was going to be that jive relative in the Obama family. The guy in the family reunion movie played by Steve Harvey, who’s ready to shave the rules in order to win and please Big Mama. But no, Michelle Robinson Obama’s brother Craig is no jive individual. He worked hard and prepared himself. He played by the rules. He was given a fair chance in a meritocracy, and he triumphed. He’s a former basketball coach at Princeton University, and he’s now the head basketball coach at a major West Coast university. He’s a credit to his race, his family. He’s Michelle Obama’s brother.

If Pres. Obama holds everyone he appoints to the standard of achievement of his own brother-in-law, Craig Robinson, then he won’t have any scandals concerning the qualifications of appointees in his administration. So much for personal favors.

And ACORN. ACORN is a good group which has fought, and which we need to continue to fight the good fight, on the side with the Angels. Let this be the worst scandal in the Obama White House Years, and let it be an example.

This was a Shadetree, Amos ‘N’ Andy-operation against ACORN, even producing one Young’un who said he signed 73 voter registration forms for ACORN over a five month period.

That’s no smoking gun. That’s evidence of a set-up. What could a community organization possibly give to a Corner Boy to get him to register to vote 73 times? Why would they?

What could they offer that would be worth more than what an enemy of community empowerment could give him, just so they could embarrass ACORN with his testament? (Why would anyone sign 73 voter registration cards unless he was being paid? Not paid for his signature, paid for his confession!) A set up. COINTELPRO.

The lesson to Mr. Obama of Illinois, Mr. Biden of Delaware, and Mrs. Pelosi of California from the ACORN scandal, from the Rep. Tim Mahoney (D-Fl.) scandal: play by all the rules. Don’t cheat. (Not don’t get caught cheating. Don’t cheat.)

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