What if Obama wins?

What if, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

What if, indeed.

That’s why he’s running isn’t it? To win?

What if he wins the presidential election?

Many of us have been in such doubt about the man and about the election process.

Sen. Obama literally threw the American Muslim community “under the bus” on numerous occasions, without, I might add, without an outward complaint from most Muslims, many of whom actively support him, even as he keeps them at long-arm’s-length-distance.

But doubts aside, what if he “is meant” to lead America at this hour? What if he wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

On a superficial TV-sitcom-level, this will be bigger than a Superbowl championship, except that it will be a national Black feel-good phenomenon in ghetto cities from Coast-to-Coast, Border-to-border. It will be a world wide feel-good day.

America is back. America cares more about leading the world of the future by example, than it does about clinging to its antiquated “heritage,” “Southern Heritage.” It’s bloody past.

That’s IF Sen. Obama wins. America wins. The world wins.

But in order for the victory to be complete, as President, Barack Hussein Obama must always govern successfully.

The last former Senator to win the Presidency was Lyndon Baines Johnson. He was able to make the legislative process work successfully at enacting the Civil Rights agenda, getting legislation passed which John F. Kennedy was unable to push through.

But before he can even dream of changing anything legislatively, Pres. Obama will have to immediately govern successfully. His administration will be permitted no mistakes. No SNAFUs. No foul-ups. No corruption. No scandals, anywhere in the government! In addition he will have to resolve to do no special favors for any groups or individuals who supported him, including blind support from many Black intellectuals. No paybacks Mr. President.

The impact Pres. Barack Obama can have on future generations of Black youth however, is immeasurable. The idea that this man might take the Oath of Office one day after the Observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday made his election almost inevitable from the start. His nomination acceptance speech was on the 45th Anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech, wasn’t it?

His election should have been forgone. After all, during his performance at the National Press Club in April, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright did predict that if God intended for Sen. Obama to be elected President, then there is no White racist who could prevent his election.

But there is the Bradley Effect-thing, where even when a Black politician is ahead in the polls, when many Whites go into the secrecy of the voting booth, they then switch, voting for the White candidate instead. There are so many delicate issues, certain “baggage” which must “clear customs,” so to speak; concerning the election of the first African American President, and this particular candidate, until there’s hardly any energy left for thinking about what may have been an inevitable consequence all along. Not at least, until Noon on Tuesday, Jan 20. 2009.

So, I ask again: what if, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), wins the presidential election Nov. 4? What if he is elected to become the next President of the United States?

What must Black intellectuals do? What must Black militants do? What should Black supporters expect? What should Black critics expect? Should Tavis Smiley get the first exclusive interview with the President-elect? Should I get it?

What if Barack Obama wins and a seed is planted by his image in the minds of Black children that it is not just acceptable, but actually exceptional, to be smart, well behaved, disciplined like Pres. Barack Obama? What if trying to be like Pres. Obama grossly outweighs trying to be like Flava Flav, or Frank Lucas, the American Gangster.

That alone would be worth electing Se. Obama: changing the prevailing view in the minds of too many Black youth, that rowdy is better than smart. It’s not.

So, what if, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

What if, indeed.

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