President Palin

A Lipstick Pitbull Unless I’ve completely missed my guess, sometime before Jan. 20, 2013 rolls around, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be the 45th President of the United States.
Sen. John McCain will likely be elected 44th President, only to be succeeded by his Vice President sometime when he’s not able to complete his term.

There are a lot of reasons for my hunch, most of them are completely illogical.

But there is one phenomenon upon which the forces which control this Republican presidential nominee rely: the dumb fear of White American voters. Thanks to Craig Wilson at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government whom I met at the Democratic Convention in Denver last month, I’ve gotten a little deeper insight into this devilish scheme to rule.

Until 1968 when Republican Richard Nixon took power utilizing his “Southern Strategy,” Christian, segregationist, White Democrats–so-called “Dixiecrats”–ruled the South telling White voters six “truths:” 1. the federal government’s a threat; 2. federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 3. taxes are bad; 4. unions need to be eliminated; 5. you have a lousy hospital; 6. but at least you’re White.

And it worked.

So, along with their mostly silent, complicit allies in the North, Democrats dominated the American political landscape (particularly Congress) from Franklin Roosevelt’s election in 1932, until Lyndon Johnson pushed through the Civil Rights legislative agenda beginning in 1965. Then on April 11, 1968, when he signed the last of the Fair Housing Act, Mr. Johnson confessed to his Vice President Hubert Humphrey that he feared he had “lost the South” for Democrats for an entire generation. He was right.
Despite Mr. Johnson’s empowerment of Black voters (who in states like Mississippi literally outnumbered Whites) the South’s politics have mostly turned on what’s perceived as “good” in the minds of Whites who want to keep those “uppity” Black folks in their places. Why else would a Hollywood movie icon and former California governor Ronald Reagan launch his 1980 presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where the three Civil Rights workers were slain?

Smart Republicans, un-burdened by the baggage of helping grant a measure of equality to the disenfranchised and heretofore poor Blacks, quickly adopted the Southern Strategy and county by county, congressional district by district, Senate seat by seat, and governor’s mansion by mansion, seized political power in Dixie from the latter part of the 20th Century until this day, by reiterating to White voters a few basic “truths:” 1. the federal government’s the enemy; 2. taxes are bad; 3. the federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 4. unions are bad; 5. you may have no health insurance; 6. but at least you’re an American.

And that strategy is working like a charm.

Fast-forward to 2008, the first “post-racial” election when the Democrats have nominated a Black man, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois to be their presidential candidate. Race hatred (and his own timidity to confront it) may doom the Obama candidacy, despite the incumbent party’s unpopular war and the worst economy since Herbert Hoover’s doomed policies opened the door for FDR, this according to a survey just reported on by the Associated Press.

“Deep-seated racial misgivings could cost Barack Obama the White House if the election is close, according to an AP-Yahoo News poll that found one-third of white Democrats harbor negative views toward blacks – many calling them ‘lazy,’ ‘violent,’ responsible for their own troubles,” according to the report released Sept. 20.
Never mind the fact that Sen. Obama, and his remarkable family fit none of those negative stereotypes, and are the real-life personification of television’s Dr. Cliff Huxtable from television’s most popular program in the mid 1980s, “The Bill Cosby Show;” never mind, White Democrats still have “issues” with Sen. Obama. Those issues are compounded by the persistent, lingering urban myth (read The National Examiner a supermarket tabloid dated Sept. 29, 2008) that Sen. Obama is a Muslim.
Well, who would want to be Black and a Muslim and running for President?

He’s not White as per the pre-1965 Southern target group, and with that erroneous Muslim tag hanging around his neck he’s seen as not quite “American” enough to boot. I’m thinking that if “Barry,” as Barack was known through high school in Hawaii, was “Barry Powell,” or “Barry Rice,” instead of Barack Hussein Obama, there would be no chance in life that a self-described “Hockey Mom” and inexperienced, low-achiever, who’s better suited for the “Jerry Springer Show” than “Meet The Press” would likely become the 45th President of the United States sometime before Jan. 20, 2013.

And oh, by the way. I’ll be delighted if history proves me wrong.

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