Obama needs some fire in the belly…or elsewhere

That subject line when talking about the Democratic Presidential nominee is sublime, but I think the anatomical metaphor should question whether or not there is a deficiency somewhat lower on his torso. Personally, I’m afraid the candidate’s condition is terminal, vis-a-vis the Kerry campaign in ‘o4.

I first started feeling this way after the Saddleback Church encounter, when afterwards a couple of the CNN commentators described Sen. Obama’s performance as “nuanced.” Meanwhile Sen. McCain was the old Straight Talker, right from the hip. Since then, Sen. O has talked to O’Reilly on Fox and to Stephanopolus on ABC and seems to have continued to be “nuanced” according to what I’ve read. I did not watch because I didn’t want to be bored watching another endless stream of more “ums” instead of straight answers coming from the guy.

I saw a blogpost this morning, somewhere or another which convinced me that The Lipstick Pitbull will likely be the 45th President sometime during the next 50-52 months. The blogger described a campaign event somewhere in Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden kissed an older White lady on the forehead. It was not an affectionate kiss, but rather was a kind gesture. The woman told Sen. B that she could never vote for Obama because she just can’t imagine a POTUS named “Barack Obama.” Besides, she went on, he’s a Muslim faking like he’s a Christian.

Let’s go back to Saddleback. In that encounter, John S. said flat out, “Islamic terrorists” are evil and the enemy, and that he would go to the gates of hell to wipe out Obama…I mean Osama. Which brings me back to Square One as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve been saying for weeks that if the Democratic nominee was named “Barry Powell,” or “Barry Rice,” the party could start printing inaugural invitations. Instead of trying to duck around the “He’s a Muslim” canard, Barry O. should have said, “Hey I’m Barack. Some of my best friends are Muslims,” or if not that, he should have issued a full throated rebuttal every time the subject came up. “There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim, and I’m not going to let this campaign start making people guilty by association. Besides Article 6 (I believe) of the Constitution says emphatically there shall be NO RELIGIOUS TEST for any position in this government, not to mention the First Amendment! And if that’s the way this campaign is going to wallow, I’d rather lose the race, than see America lose her Constitution!” I would have said something like that.

Instead, he has conceded that whole Muslim-Christian-Liberation-Theology-landscape. Muslims, for the sake of this campaign, are now defined by consensus as something no one wants to be, or be seen with sitting behind them during a speech, or even on an outreach committee to go after Muslim support! The fact that Barack’s got a Muslim woman in charge of constituent services in his Chicago office is now a subject of shame, rather than an example of “a Fine American actually working in my office, doing good work! So shut up your hatin’ on Muslims!”

Meanwhile, Deacon Sarah, who says the Iraq war is “God’s will,” and even that the proposed new oil pipeline is “God’s work,” (and while you’re at it Lord, how about a couple of touchdowns every week for my favorite quarterback, and a few more snowboarding trophies for my Todd) is cavorting around at church and at meetings with folks from the Alaska Independence Party (who condemned the “damn flag”) and Jews for Jesus who say that if more Jews converted to Christianity there’d be less trouble in the Holy Land, and Sen. Obama and his crew are still going around being “nuanced” and wondering why the American people haven’t awakened to the GOP chicanery. Sen. O, grow a pair.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) gave an interview this week on WPFW-89.3FM in Washington, and he made a wonderful reference to the last egghead intellectual Democrat who got smoked by a former military-type Republican. Eleanor Roosevelt, Moran said, told Adlai Stevenson, “all the thinking people are for you.” To which Moran said Adlai replied, “that’s fine, but I want a majority.”

I’m afraid this problem is terminal. And if the Obama campaign doesn’t sharpen his elbows (“I’ve been called worse on the basketball court” he said after they blasphemed him coming and going in St. Paul) and tell him he had better take it to the hoop, quick, then a whole lot of Black folks are going to need a whole lot of anti-depressants on Nov. 5.

I used to think that Barack was going to “clean McCain’s clock” in the upcoming debates. Now, I don’t know. I’m afraid Top Gun John is going to wipe the floor with his mealy-mouth, milque-toast, “nuanced” rival.

Fire in the belly? Indeed!

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