Louis Farrakhan, a man for all time

Minister Louis Farrakhan in Charlotte, NC October 13, 2012

Long live the Spirit of the Million Man March! Long life, good health and continued success to Louis Farrakhan, who led those of us who participated in it to an astronomical achievement Oct. 16, 1995, that day 17 years ago.
Now, I wish I could help people who don’t know and admire him, get to know the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, like I know him. Continue reading

The Debate ‘Rope-a-Dope,’ They hope

The origin of the “Rope-a-Dope” was the successful boxing technique employed by Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, when he knocked out his bigger and stronger opponent George Foreman to regain his title during their 1974 match. In that fight Mr. Ali was literally beaten for the first four rounds, before rallying, taking charge and then knocking out his opponent in the eighth round.
Many supporters of President Barack Obama suggested after his anemic performance in his first debate with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney that Obama’s showing was part of his “rope-a-dope” scheme. At least they hope it was. Continue reading

Open Letter to the National Association of Black Journalists

A recent exchange of comments on the National Association of Black Journalists listserv about the quality of The Black Press provoked me to offer this response, which I now share here.

One Black editor wrote: “…clips from those who worked in black newspapers were often but not always of lower quality. I understand that many of those papers didn’t have the resources but many stories were simply poorly written, full of holes, one-sided or littered with typos…”

In the opinion of another NABJ member: “…The production problems (of) most black-owned newspapers endured. They did not own their presses, so they often leased time from others. This often led to hasty work as clocks ticked [and bills rang up]. Tragic errors and haphazard design followed….” Ahem.

My edited response: “I really must take umbrage Continue reading

A dead campaign which refuses to die

Back in early August, one observer remarked that July had been Willard Mitt Romney’s “worst month ever.” Not so.
The GOP presidential nominee then went off to Europe to prove that he was a foreign affairs heavyweight, by his conduct on the world stage. The former leader of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics then proceeded to insult England, this country’s closest ally, by predicting lax security might tarnish the outcome of the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games. Both the British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London gave their guest a tongue-lashing to his face. Continue reading