Republican Political delirium is deceptive

The Republican Party gathered in Tampa for their quadrennial convention this week, and to look at them thumping their chests and dancing and shouting ecstatically, even as Hurricane Isaac walloped them, what we see is not necessarily what we’ll get on Election Day. The same is true of the Democrats, meeting days later in Charlotte, N.C.
Throughout this political season, I’ve watched the Republicans go bonkers whenever anything is uttered by any of their speakers deriding President Barack Obama. It’s Pavlovian. Continue reading

Who’s playing ‘The Race Card’ now?

Back in The Day, there was a heated argument over “reverse discrimination.” It started with a California student named Alan Bakke who sued the University of California because he was denied admission to a medical school. He said less-qualified Black students than he were admitted, and that that amounted to discrimination against him.
The Supreme Court agreed and Black enrollment in professional schools all over the country has been steadily declining for more than 30 years now. Continue reading

Voter ‘fraud’ times 15 million

Sometimes I just can’t figure us out. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for individuals or groups of us to determine that we will not treat other individuals or groups like they are a “priority” as long as those individuals or groups treat us like we are “options.”
White Americans are the greatest beneficiaries of this thinking among the descendants of Black freed slaves in America. We just go right along, looking the other way while they are doing us wrong, and then we quickly forgive them once they are caught and their evil deeds exposed. Continue reading

Republicans are incapable of governing U.S.

Richard Pryor tells a joke I’m fond of, which has political implications today. A younger Black man who is a junkie (a drug addict) tells an older Black man who is a wine-o (an alcoholic): “…Your problem is, you don’t know how to deal with the White man.”
Today we see Republicans doing practically the same thing to Democrats in this country. Republicans are incapable of successfully governing this country in a way that benefits all the people. their prime directive is to transfer wealth produced by the society as a whole to the masters who sit atop the financial pyramid. Continue reading

Why haven’t we had a requiem yet?

Why haven’t we had a requiem for the kind of xenophobic thinking which dominates what passes for intelligent leadership of the Republican Party? If liberals were devouring their young the way White Republicans are doing nowadays, we would have already proclaimed a wooden-stake-in-the-heart death of Socialism in America, for now and forever.
But Republicans are the recipients of several self inflicted wooden-stakes-in-the-heart, and yet they are still roaming around casting blame instead of sharing it, Continue reading