No sympathy for public office thieves

There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in this country with credit far, far worse than mine, who can get anything they want, simply by signing for it. I know this because the advertisements are everywhere. And my credit is nothing compared to that of an official in the Capital of the United States.

If you want a new car: just sign then drive it away, no money down, no first month’s payment. If you want a used car: same deal, just go to one of those dealers who boasts, “Everybody who walks in, drives out.”

If you want a computer, with hundreds of dollars worth of free software, a free digital camera, a free HDTV, all you need is an active checking account. Why anyone can even get cash for his or her other “needs” simply by calling a toll-free phone number. Continue reading

A crock full of Republicans

I have long known that modern politics in the United States of America is nothing but a game. Period.

In the first place, half of those who are eligible to vote don’t even register. Half of those who are registered don’t even vote. So, at best we’re talking about only one fourth of the adult population even taking part in the process. That means that a majority of the vote is made up of some one eighth of the eligible voting age population. Some mandate.

On top of that, the new Republican-inspired laws requiring voter identification is a new tactic, not to increase participation, but to limit the participation in the governing process to fewer people still. Continue reading