Herman Cain, Emmett Till, and Tyler Perry

What do Herman Cain, Emmett Till, and Tyler Perry have in common? (Sincere apologies to Emmett Till and Tyler Perry!)

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain–who never, ever, ever had even a snowball’s chance in hell to ever be anywhere near the eventual Republican presidential ticket, let alone the White House itself–prides himself on the fact that he overcame his roots as a poor African American growing up in the segregated South.

Just 10 days after he “suspended” his disgraced campaign on Dec. 3, Cain celebrates his 66th birthday, which means: more than his eligibility for Social Security and Medicare, which he would dismantle in a heartbeat, undercutting support for millions of Americans his age and older; which means that six months before his tenth birthday, the most shocking crime of the modern Civil Rights era took place–the murder and dismemberment of 14-year-old Emmett Till, near Greenwood, Mississippi. Continue reading

GOP formula for financial failure: it’s working

Back in the mid 1990s, when front-running Virginia Republican Senate candidate George “Macaca” Allen was Governor of the Commonwealth, Rep. Bobby Scott, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus from Virginia revealed a sinister scheme employed by Allen in order to bring about ruin to the dreaded social programs and entitlements in that state which he and other Republicans love to hate.

During his term of office Gov. Allen–who in his last unsuccessful campaign the Senate publicly mocked a questioner of East Indian descent at one of his campaign rallies as “Macaca”–set out to build prisons all over the state with the intention that years later, the state would have to financially maintain the prisons it had built during prosperous times, even if later the funds might be better used by the state for another purpose. Continue reading