Colin Powell: Redeemed?

Gen. Colin Powell after Meet The Press

Did former Secretary of State and Gen. Colin Powell redeem his membership in the Nelson Mandela Circle of Honor, by his appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press” October 19?

Most emphatically yes!

Gen. Powell did not just ceremonially endorse Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), patting him on the back with one hand while handing him his curriculum vitae with the other hand. No, he described the Democratic nominee as a potentially “transformational” figure…as in maybe Barack Hussein Obama really was born on the Planet Krypton, and was sent to Earth with Super Powers beyond those of mortal men.

More importantly, he walked off Ol’ Massa’s Plantation like a grown man, back straight, no hat in hand, no apology, and said what was on his mind, on his heart.

Ol’ Massa didn’t like it either. Gen. Powell was “ungrateful,” said one pundit who unapologetically argues “a brief for Whitey” whenever he gets a chance. He never was much of a Republican anyway, complained another.

Gen. Powell was voting for Black Democrat Obama to express his own racial solidarity, rather than out of any patriotic sense of what’s best for his country, let alone what’s best for his Party, said others. “Benedict Powell…Race Patriot,” Gen. Powell was dubbed in a cartoon caricature, as traitor Benedict Arnold. Continue reading

Obama on Nov. 5: A Brand New Day

I’ve been so busy watching the presidential “horse-race” (and especially the skin-color-aspects of this historic campaign) until I almost didn’t notice that an even more epic battle is being decided–the very destiny of the country. Unless there is a massive breech in the fabric of the entire nation’s fitness to govern itself on the level of Tianamen Square Nov. 4, and unless I entirely miss my guess: Wednesday Nov. 5 (or more particularly Tuesday Jan. 20, 2009) will see a brand new era for the U.S. and the world.

I’ve believed since February that there was a certainty where there’s normally randomness and a purpose where there’s normally serendipity about everything that has anything to do with the Obama for President Campaign of 2008. But even when I thought there must be a Divine Hand guiding the goings and comings of the Illinois Senator, I read a scripture where Almighty God “hardened Pharaoh’s heart,” concerning the Children of Israel, so He (God) could destroy Pharaoh rather than forgive Pharaoh for doing right by the Hebrews.

There were many times–after Sen. Obama secured the Democratic Party nomination, when I was reminded that an unpopular incumbent party, with two unpopular wars, and a failing economy could not possibly win the White House–when I feared that God had hardened America’s heart to Sen. Obama, that he would be rejected by the people, and America would follow the Neo Conservatives, marching to destruction into that Red Sea. But now it seems people may vote what they think is in their best interest, where this Black man is concerned, rather than their White supremacist inclinations. Continue reading

Obama must play by all the rules

There’s no question about it, if Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is elected President, he will really undergo some scrutiny!

These Hockey Moms and NASCAR Dudes who are becoming the new Republican “post-Redneck” constituency are not going to just stand at attention when Hail To The Chief is played by the Marine Corps Band for President Obama just because he’s the President. No. They are going to fight, hammer and tong to defeat him, his policies, and everything he ever stood for once he gets in office just as enthusiastically as they sought to keep him from being elected in the first place.

They will not be won over. They are permanent haters. They will scour the public record, get credentials and attend every press conference asking annoying, nagging questions which they craft to make everything Western, corporate and White, seem right, and everything that Mr. Obama looks like and stands for seem evil, different. The mantra they feed their masses: 1. the federal government’s the enemy; 2. taxes are bad; 3. the federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 4. unions are bad; 5. you may have no health insurance; 6. but at least you’re an American…a working White American who wants to keep his guns and his Bible, You Betcha! Continue reading

What if Obama wins?

What if, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

What if, indeed.

That’s why he’s running isn’t it? To win?

What if he wins the presidential election?

Many of us have been in such doubt about the man and about the election process.

Sen. Obama literally threw the American Muslim community “under the bus” on numerous occasions, without, I might add, without an outward complaint from most Muslims, many of whom actively support him, even as he keeps them at long-arm’s-length-distance.

But doubts aside, what if he “is meant” to lead America at this hour? What if he wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

On a superficial TV-sitcom-level, this will be bigger than a Superbowl championship, except that it will be a national Black feel-good phenomenon in ghetto cities from Coast-to-Coast, Border-to-border. It will be a world wide feel-good day.

America is back. America cares more about leading the world of the future by example, than it does about clinging to its antiquated “heritage,” “Southern Heritage.” It’s bloody past.

That’s IF Sen. Obama wins. America wins. The world wins. Continue reading

Obama’s no Bambi

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), may or may not be A Bama.

But Barack Obama is definitely not Bambi.

“A Bama” being a person from Alabama. Euphemistically, a Black “Country” person from Alabama. An un-sophisticated person. A Bama.

In fairness, Sen. Obama is definitely not A Bama.

“Bambi” being the poor little, cute, adorable White Tailed Deer in the Walt Disney cartoon feature movie. The emotional high point of the tear-jerker came when Bambi’s poor mother was murdered in the forest by the dreaded gun-toting, White Hunter-Trappers (Swift-Boat Republicans).

In truth, the Junior Senator from Illinois and Democratic Presidential nominee with the even, dignified disposition has begun to act like he’s not going to be the innocent, Bambi, the victim-buck in this presidential debate story-line, even if the Arizona Senator tries to be the dreaded, gun-toting, Swift-Boat Republican.

So, Obama’s no Bambi.

In the Great Campaign Debate on the campus of the University of Mississippi Sept. 26…intentionally about “International Issues,” so as not to be about “race” in Mississippi: Sen. Obama more than held his own on what is presumed to be Republican nominee and Sen. John McCain’s strongest turf: international affairs and security.

Many early polls found there was a larger number of independent voters who felt Obama gained in the exchange, than there was those who felt McCain got the upper hand. So, Sen. Obama won. Continue reading