The real reason Hilary is fighting so hard

The real reason Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-N.Y.) is fighting so hard for the Democratic presidential nomination is because she understands, not that her rival for the party’s nod, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), is un-elect able. No. She understands what most scholars–political scientists and historians–understand, and that is that the Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the apparent Republican nominee, cannot win in November.

That’s right. The foremost rules in determining the outcome of presidential elections are all lined up against the incumbent, Grand Old Party nominee. Those factors are: Is there an unpopular war? Is the country in a recession? And, are there scandals connected to the incumbent administration?

Aside from a few loose words here and there, and that shooting-his-friend-in-the-face thing involving Vice President Dick Cheney, this administration has been relatively scandal free. But when it comes to the war and the economy, the Bush administration has problems in those areas (as the saying goes), “in spades.”

The country–indeed the whole world which feeds itself servicing the drunken sailor called America–is in a recession right now, and it looks to be potentially quite a bad recession. Can you say, “The worst The Great Depression?”

We are in the midst of an unpopular war which is very expensive in blood and treasure. Casualties have now topped 4,000 U.S. military personnel dead, and more than 25,000 severely wounded. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have also been slaughtered by trigger-happy U.S. soldiers, more concerned about getting home safely than they are about “winning” the hearts of the Iraqi people to support whatever “cause” the U.S. may be championing. The soldiers know this illegal and immoral war cannot be “won” by the U.S. How do you “win” an earthquake? Continue reading

‘Winter Soldiers’ denounce the war they fought

Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), marked March 19, the fifth anniversary of the illegal and immoral U.S. invasion of Iraq by visiting there, where they proclaimed its success.

Meanwhile, thousands of anti-war protestors marked the occasion in Washington with a full week of acts of civil disobedience and teach-ins.

Led by active-duty personnel and veterans the mostly all-White bands of war protestors raised their voices against the senseless mayhem in Iraq and Afghanistan that is the Bush administration policy. They were joined by members of Code Pink, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans For Peace, and the Stop Loss Congress on Capitol Hill a week before the anniversary.

Chanting “We are the Revolution,” 45 protestors were arrested at First St. and Independence Ave. on the House of Representatives’ side of the Capitol, and at the garage entrance to the Hart Bldg. on the Senate side.

“We’re saying to Congress, basically: ‘You guys have ridden a Peace Horse up to Capitol Hill. You haven’t made good on your promises. You haven’t done the job we elected you to do,’ which was de-fund the war and bring the troops home,” Jamillah El-Shafei, of the Stop Loss Congress said in an interview.

“We want them home now, not in 10 years. We’re (also) doing some blockading to confront Congress with civil resistance. Even if it’s for 45 minutes, in an effort to make the point: they have to listen to what the people say. Which is: bring our troops home and stop this policy of the back-door draft,” she continued. Continue reading

If White People Only Knew

If White People Only Knew

What Black People really pray for

Every Sunday in church,

White People would pray every night

For the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright.

He brings that Old Time Religion.

An eye for an eye.

Chickens come home to roost.

If White People Only Knew what Iraqis really pray for

Every Friday at the mosque,

White People would pray,

Every day

For Bani Sadr.

Is he Ayatollah?

If White People Only Knew

What Black People really pray for

Every Sunday in church,

Modern Pharaoh, get drownded.

Modern Babylon System, falling. Falling. Continue reading

The “real” 3:00 a.m. phone call Sen. Obama will soon get

America’s typical, on-going, xenophobic, White-is-right mentality, which dominates the political landscape, has finally decided how to “deal with” the Presidential candidacy of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. They have already gone from the whispered innuendo about him secretly being a Muslim, to openly declaring that “Islamic terrorists will rejoice” if Sen. Obama is elected, as Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) did recently.

Terrorists worldwide will indeed be emboldened by an election victory by Sen. Obama they argue, not so much because of his name, or because of his family background, but because terrorists favor Sen. Obama’s, which true, patriotic Americans recognize as “surrender” policies that would translate into victory for the global jihad movement.

An Obama victory, they argue, will be a sign of future Western “appeasement” of America’s terrorist enemies, just as Neville Chamberlain’s victory in the United Kingdom, resulted in useless attempts to appease German Chancellor Adolf Hitler before World War II.

But the Bush administration, which I believe would never to leave anything to chance, when there’s a chance to cheat in order to affect the outcome, probably has some tricks up its sleeve. Continue reading

Whose idea was it to have a Farrakhan litmus test?

If Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) can survive the newly intensified news media-scrutiny demands on him, trying all along to keep the playing field level, while receiving multiple kitchen-sink-scars upside his head in the process, he could very well be on his way to The White House. And talk about being “twice as good.”

Imagine, you are in a classroom where a test is only applied to one student in the class. And he earns the best score. But why does he even have to pass the “Farrakhan Litmus Test.” He alone. Sen. Obama passed with flying colors.

Just what is being tested?

The implication is always that the Black candidate must do something extraordinary to demonstrate his or her fealty to the Crown, which is still firmly in White hands.

So, the scenario is that “Meet The Press” host Tim Russert would ambush Sen. Obama with the embarrassing “Farrakhan Question” during the final debate and showdown in Texas, a week before the big primaries. There are only two possible responses to the Farrakhan Question, both with considerable negative consequences. Sen. Obama’s choices were to politically “Pimp Slap” the Nation of Islam leader, the way Pres. Bill Clinton did to the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Sister Souljah, at the 1992 Rainbow-PUSH Coalition convention, or commit political suicide right there in the debate.

So, if we trust that he’s a true, red-blooded American, we can just proceed with the rest of his “weaknesses.” But it’s hard to shake the resentment some folks invariably feel, that here he comes, the “perfect” Black candidate–Harvard, White mother, grassroots community roots–so why does the perfect Black candidate have to have an African Muslim father, who gave him that middle name “Hussein?”

Can he be trusted?

Isn’t he a Muslim? Isn’t he unpatriotic? Isn’t his wife unpatriotic too? Isn’t he a terrorist? These are at the root of the Farrakhan Litmus Test. Continue reading