Voter ‘fraud’ times 15 million

Sometimes I just can’t figure us out. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for individuals or groups of us to determine that we will not treat other individuals or groups like they are a “priority” as long as those individuals or groups treat us like we are “options.”
White Americans are the greatest beneficiaries of this thinking among the descendants of Black freed slaves in America. We just go right along, looking the other way while they are doing us wrong, and then we quickly forgive them once they are caught and their evil deeds exposed. Continue reading

Republicans are incapable of governing U.S.

Richard Pryor tells a joke I’m fond of, which has political implications today. A younger Black man who is a junkie (a drug addict) tells an older Black man who is a wine-o (an alcoholic): “…Your problem is, you don’t know how to deal with the White man.”
Today we see Republicans doing practically the same thing to Democrats in this country. Republicans are incapable of successfully governing this country in a way that benefits all the people. their prime directive is to transfer wealth produced by the society as a whole to the masters who sit atop the financial pyramid. Continue reading

Why haven’t we had a requiem yet?

Why haven’t we had a requiem for the kind of xenophobic thinking which dominates what passes for intelligent leadership of the Republican Party? If liberals were devouring their young the way White Republicans are doing nowadays, we would have already proclaimed a wooden-stake-in-the-heart death of Socialism in America, for now and forever.
But Republicans are the recipients of several self inflicted wooden-stakes-in-the-heart, and yet they are still roaming around casting blame instead of sharing it, Continue reading

Questions every birther should be asking

The American right wing is full of hypocrites. Silly hypocrites at that. They strain at a gnat, and then swallow a camel.
Earlier this year the Arizona Secretary of State warned that he would not permit President Barack Obama’s name to appear on that state’s 2012 ballot unless the Prez jumped through a series of impossible hoops with his birth certificate in hand to prove that he is indeed a citizen, and eligible to serve as president.
As recently as mid-July, an Arizona sheriff threatened to arrest the president or some such because this duly elected, Deputy-Dudley-Do-Right-cop believes the birth certificate Pres. Obama has released to the public is a forgery. If such madness had even a kernel of truth in it, how in heaven’s name could such a conspiracy be kept a secret all these years? Continue reading

The Bain-pain, the bane of the Romney campaign: he’s hiding something

Conventional wisdom says 2012 will be a close presidential election, and it probably will be. But the fact of the matter is that Mitt Romney has already lost.
The race is close for one reason and one reason only: Mitt Romney is not Barack Obama. President Obama appears to be in trouble because…well, because he is Barack Obama.
If Pres. Obama was a White incumbent, who passed a healthcare reform law that none of the previous presidents going back to Teddy Roosevelt could get passed, and which was upheld by the Supreme Court; AND who managed to take out America’s arch-enemy Osama bin-Laden, who had eluded his immediate predecessor for seven and a half years, then he would already be a shoo-in for re-election. But I digress. Continue reading

‘Obamacare,’ Brown v. Board, Social Security

Right wingers are so predictable.  They are against anything that even appears to benefit ordinary people, especially if ordinary Black people are seen as potential beneficiaries. Their ambition, very simply, is to tilt the balance in behalf of the well off; the “landed gentry;” folks they would describe as our “betters.”
Racial identity politics in America has made it easy for the right wing, the chauvinists, the jingoes, the Romneys, the Republicans, to dupe ordinary White people into supporting their plutocratic schemes by selling them the line that the lowliest White person has it better than each and every Black person, but: “Watch out. Those ‘coloreds’ are gaining on you!” Continue reading

‘Obamacare’ now really means ‘Obama cares’

Who would have thunk, back when the Tea Party faction of the Timothy McVeigh Party (Republicans) coined the expression “Obamacare” as a pejorative shorthand reference to the Affordable Care Act which was signed into law by President Barack Obama, who would have thunk back then that the derisive term would one day be the Law of the Land, upheld by the Supreme Court?
Who would have thunk that conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, who was so flustered looking into the eyes of the first Black president that he would stumble over the words of the Oath of Office, who would have thunk that the Chief Justice would be the decisive vote along with the court’s four liberal justices?
Well that is exactly what happened on June 28, and now–though the Obama-haters may be averse–the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, or whatever you may want to call it is now settled law. Die in your rage, Obama haters! Continue reading

Eric Holder: the proxy impeachment of Barack Obama

There is a deep chasm–no a ravine–that defines politics in Washington. It creates gridlock in place of governance, and the reason has to be more than simple partisan differences Republicans have with Democrats led by Pres. Barack Obama.
The stark differences oozed to the surface June 20 when the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 23-17–strictly along partisan lines–to recommend that the full House hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena that he hand over thousands of documents pertaining to “Operation Fast and Furious.”
The Fast and Furious operation was a gun-running scheme which allowed illegally purchased guns from the U.S. to be smuggled across the border to Mexican drug cartels, Continue reading

It’s Juneteenth: An Apology and Reparations are due for American slavery

Even before there was a divisive Tea Party movement in this country, Black and White Americans remain far, far apart regarding the aftermath of slavery. But long, long before there was a modern Tea Party movement, there was “Juneteenth.”

Black folks are increasingly demanding, first an apology from White Americans, and then some form of reparations payments. Those demands are long overdue.

The Juneteenth holiday punctuates the validity of those demands. Juneteenth is June 19, 1865, the day a column of Union troops arrived at Galveston, Texas and read the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves in Texas two years and six months after it was proclaimed, and one year and two months after the conclusion of the Civil War which presumably decided the issue of slavery permanently.

White folks think that they have already done enough to make America an egalitarian society without recognizing that the nation’s wealth was created by the free, forced labor of African slaves. Continue reading

Economic train wreck ahead?

With Europe–led by Spain, Greece, and Ireland–teetering on the precipice of financial disaster, can the United States be far behind?

“We can’t wait,” Republicans in this country seem to be snickering in their covens. And with the victory last week of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker against pro-union opponents who forced him to defend himself in a recall election, the once flaccid GOP is now energized and smelling the possibility they might even win back the White House in November.

What that means is that nothing which might ease the economic pain facing people in this country will get approved in Washington. Continue reading