Obama must play by all the rules

There’s no question about it, if Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is elected President, he will really undergo some scrutiny!

These Hockey Moms and NASCAR Dudes who are becoming the new Republican “post-Redneck” constituency are not going to just stand at attention when Hail To The Chief is played by the Marine Corps Band for President Obama just because he’s the President. No. They are going to fight, hammer and tong to defeat him, his policies, and everything he ever stood for once he gets in office just as enthusiastically as they sought to keep him from being elected in the first place.

They will not be won over. They are permanent haters. They will scour the public record, get credentials and attend every press conference asking annoying, nagging questions which they craft to make everything Western, corporate and White, seem right, and everything that Mr. Obama looks like and stands for seem evil, different. The mantra they feed their masses: 1. the federal government’s the enemy; 2. taxes are bad; 3. the federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 4. unions are bad; 5. you may have no health insurance; 6. but at least you’re an American…a working White American who wants to keep his guns and his Bible, You Betcha! Continue reading

What if Obama wins?

What if, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

What if, indeed.

That’s why he’s running isn’t it? To win?

What if he wins the presidential election?

Many of us have been in such doubt about the man and about the election process.

Sen. Obama literally threw the American Muslim community “under the bus” on numerous occasions, without, I might add, without an outward complaint from most Muslims, many of whom actively support him, even as he keeps them at long-arm’s-length-distance.

But doubts aside, what if he “is meant” to lead America at this hour? What if he wins the presidential election Nov. 4?

On a superficial TV-sitcom-level, this will be bigger than a Superbowl championship, except that it will be a national Black feel-good phenomenon in ghetto cities from Coast-to-Coast, Border-to-border. It will be a world wide feel-good day.

America is back. America cares more about leading the world of the future by example, than it does about clinging to its antiquated “heritage,” “Southern Heritage.” It’s bloody past.

That’s IF Sen. Obama wins. America wins. The world wins. Continue reading

Obama’s no Bambi

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), may or may not be A Bama.

But Barack Obama is definitely not Bambi.

“A Bama” being a person from Alabama. Euphemistically, a Black “Country” person from Alabama. An un-sophisticated person. A Bama.

In fairness, Sen. Obama is definitely not A Bama.

“Bambi” being the poor little, cute, adorable White Tailed Deer in the Walt Disney cartoon feature movie. The emotional high point of the tear-jerker came when Bambi’s poor mother was murdered in the forest by the dreaded gun-toting, White Hunter-Trappers (Swift-Boat Republicans).

In truth, the Junior Senator from Illinois and Democratic Presidential nominee with the even, dignified disposition has begun to act like he’s not going to be the innocent, Bambi, the victim-buck in this presidential debate story-line, even if the Arizona Senator tries to be the dreaded, gun-toting, Swift-Boat Republican.

So, Obama’s no Bambi.

In the Great Campaign Debate on the campus of the University of Mississippi Sept. 26…intentionally about “International Issues,” so as not to be about “race” in Mississippi: Sen. Obama more than held his own on what is presumed to be Republican nominee and Sen. John McCain’s strongest turf: international affairs and security.

Many early polls found there was a larger number of independent voters who felt Obama gained in the exchange, than there was those who felt McCain got the upper hand. So, Sen. Obama won. Continue reading

President Palin

A Lipstick Pitbull Unless I’ve completely missed my guess, sometime before Jan. 20, 2013 rolls around, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be the 45th President of the United States.
Sen. John McCain will likely be elected 44th President, only to be succeeded by his Vice President sometime when he’s not able to complete his term.

There are a lot of reasons for my hunch, most of them are completely illogical.

But there is one phenomenon upon which the forces which control this Republican presidential nominee rely: the dumb fear of White American voters. Thanks to Craig Wilson at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government whom I met at the Democratic Convention in Denver last month, I’ve gotten a little deeper insight into this devilish scheme to rule.

Until 1968 when Republican Richard Nixon took power utilizing his “Southern Strategy,” Christian, segregationist, White Democrats–so-called “Dixiecrats”–ruled the South telling White voters six “truths:” 1. the federal government’s a threat; 2. federal courts don’t understand the Constitution; 3. taxes are bad; 4. unions need to be eliminated; 5. you have a lousy hospital; 6. but at least you’re White. Continue reading

A Skunk at the garden party

The Black Band

INDIANOLA, MISS.–If there is one place in Creation which symbolizes White racists with their lips dripping with “the words of inter-position and nullification” more than Mississippi, it’s the depths of Hell.

From Simon Legree’s final torment of the loyal slave Uncle Tom; to the bulging-eyed body of 14-year-old Emmett Till, tarred and feathered then thrown alive into the Tallahatchie River with a millstone around his neck; to Medgar Evers and Mack Parker; to Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner; my home state has an unmatched reputation for racial terror-on-terror, on into the 21st Century.

I returned “home” to the Delta with good intentions: to honor Riley “Blues Boy” King, a man who just turned 83, but who has a heart as forgiving as Tiger Woods.

But for me, I just couldn’t forget. I couldn’t let go of the pain. Continue reading

John McCain: Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief

It’s been clear since “Super Tuesday” primary election day, back in February that Arizona Sen. John McCain was going to be the Republican Presidential nominee. You’d think that in that six and a half month period, he would have had plenty of time to meet and court his vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

But no. Sen. McCain had his first and only private conversation with the volatile political neophyte the day before he announced her as his running mate. The day when some someone told him about their arranged, “shotgun wedding.”

When there is no incumbent in a presidential campaign, the first real “executive decision” the candidates make is choosing their running mates. Democratic nominee, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) chose veteran senator and foreign policy wonk Joseph Biden (D-Del.), a fellow presidential candidate whom the voters got a chance to inspect over months of campaigning and debate appearances. Joe Biden is a “lunch-pail,” “working class” kind of U.S. Senator who takes the train to and from work every day.

Sen. McCain’s choice, on the other hand, is a loose cannon, who believes that the illegal and immoral U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is a “task from God,” and that the construction of a new Alaska oil pipeline is also “God’s will.” Continue reading

Obama needs some fire in the belly…or elsewhere

That subject line when talking about the Democratic Presidential nominee is sublime, but I think the anatomical metaphor should question whether or not there is a deficiency somewhat lower on his torso. Personally, I’m afraid the candidate’s condition is terminal, vis-a-vis the Kerry campaign in ‘o4.

I first started feeling this way after the Saddleback Church encounter, when afterwards a couple of the CNN commentators described Sen. Obama’s performance as “nuanced.” Meanwhile Sen. McCain was the old Straight Talker, right from the hip. Since then, Sen. O has talked to O’Reilly on Fox and to Stephanopolus on ABC and seems to have continued to be “nuanced” according to what I’ve read. I did not watch because I didn’t want to be bored watching another endless stream of more “ums” instead of straight answers coming from the guy.

I saw a blogpost this morning, somewhere or another which convinced me that The Lipstick Pitbull will likely be the 45th President sometime during the next 50-52 months. The blogger described a campaign event somewhere in Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden kissed an older White lady on the forehead. It was not an affectionate kiss, but rather was a kind gesture. The woman told Sen. B that she could never vote for Obama because she just can’t imagine a POTUS named “Barack Obama.” Besides, she went on, he’s a Muslim faking like he’s a Christian. Continue reading

Strike One on McCain

Republican presidential nominee and Sen. John McCain must have awakened last Thursday morning with the proverbial favorite horse’s head in his bed. That’s when he had his first meeting with his vice presidential selection, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

It’s my guess that Sen. McCain had already decided who his vice presidential running mate was going to be and it was not Gov. Palin, when he got a call from some, someone who told him his plans had been changed for him. He met that evening in a secretly arranged “interview” with Gov. Palin, and the next day announced that she was to be his running mate. Hm-m-m.

In one of the classic “Godfather” movies, there was a scene in which an all powerful mob-boss woke up at his heavily guarded and palatial estate to find the head of his very favorite horse in the bed beside him.

The message: the reluctant Don was not nearly as secure in his leadership as he imagined himself to be, and therefore he had to do something he had vowed not to do. Not only was there an enemy cutthroat among his most trusted aides, the Judas also had access to the Boss’s own boudoir, while he slept. Chilling.

In recent political history, maverick Texas billionaire politician H. Ross Perot had a similar experience during his ill-fated 1992 presidential campaign.

Mr. Perot first promised his supporters that if they got his name on all 50 state ballots he would run an independent presidential campaign. They did, but in mid-July when he was ahead of incumbent Republican George H.W. Bush (the former Director of U.S. Central Intelligence) Mr. Perot mysteriously withdrew from the race, eventually complaining that digitally altered photographs were going to be released, ruining his daughter’s wedding planned for later that year. Hm-m-m.

The problem is not that Mr. McCain made a last minute decision. His problem is that he made a bad, bad choice, at the last minute. Setting aside the drama about the contradictions around “abstinence-only” education advocate Palin’s 17-year-old daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock (my own daughter’s mother had her first child at age 15, and she is a fine person and a great mother and grandmother; and my own father was married to another woman, not my mother, before I was born, until the day he died), setting that aside in the case of Gov. Palin, she is a poor choice to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Continue reading

Proud, but not yet ‘post racial’

I once had the temerity at a Black Press luncheon at the National Press Club to whisper to Army General Vincent Brooks: “Don’t mess up. Don’t embarrass us.”

I had a lot of nerve.

Gen. Brooks is “The Barack Obama of West Point.” He is the first Black Brigade Commander at the U.S. Military Academy–the highest rank attainable by a cadet at West Point. That’s like being the President of the Harvard Law Review. Like being first in his class.

And just like Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) who is poised to be elected President of the United States, Gen. Brooks has Hollywood-leading-man good looks, and he earned his honors based on his undeniable qualifications inside a system that remains to this day, everything but a meritocracy, a level playing field.

But unlike Sen. Obama, who was reared by a single mom with the help of her parents, Gen. Brooks is the younger brother of an Army General–Leo Brooks Jr.–and his father, Leo Brooks, was also an Army General.

I had a lot of nerve cautioning a distinguished soldier like Gen. Brooks. But I come from the generation of Black men whose memories are fresh with the example of friends with college degrees, sometimes master’s degrees, who still worked the night shift at the U.S. Post Office because they could not get work in their fields of preparation. We knew the Post Office to be the “Graveyard of Black Ambition.” Continue reading

Obama’s weak first debate

If the joint appearance at the same forum by Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Barack Obama (D-Ill.) at Saddleback Church near Los Angeles and broadcast on CNN, was any clue as to what the rest of the campaign will be like, then all the “Obamaniacs” of the world can stop chilling the champagne and get ready for the third term of the Bush-Cheney administration–on steroids.

Sen. McCain was clearly pumped up with Viagra, or caffeine or some other performance enhancer, while by contrast Sen. Obama must have taken his Quaaludes or some sleep inducing barbiturate, because his performance, in my view, was weak.

First, when asked about three people on whom he would rely as President, he mentioned his wife Michelle (okay…) and his grandmother (read White lady) living in Hawaii, with whom he and his family had recently visited.

I don’t know about women in the Obama family, but if my wife Alverda or my now deceased grandmother Ollie Lee Canteberry knew I was going to be on television for any reason (not to mention at a church to discuss my possibly being elected President of the United States) they would have certainly told me to be sure I SAT UP STRAIGHT! Continue reading