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The Rebirth of The Nation

       Produced by Askia Muhammad in 1981 for the NPR Satellite Program Development Fund, this report looks at the early ministry of Louis Farrakhan, the charismatic preacher who revived the then-moribund Nation of Islam, once again emphasizing the racially provocative teaching of the group’s founding patriarch, Mr. Elijah Muhammad.

Conversations in a Black Barbershop

Conversations in a Black Barbershop Produced for Soundprint in 1989 by: Askia Muhammad with Debra Morris. Join us as we spend an afternoon in a barbershop in Washington DC run by black Muslims. The conversation runs from issues of religion and family, to school, sports and the political system, all set against the buzz of the hairclippers ...

Going Home to the Mississippi Delta Blues

Going Home to the Blues Produced for Soundprint in 1989 by: Askia Muhammad with Debra Morris. People say going down south is like going home. Take a trip to the Mississippi Delta to find the true meaning of the Blues. Everyone has hard times throughout their lives, but does that classify as the Blues?

If you call that a war: what do you call this?

       Produced by Askia Muhammad for Soundprint in 1991 during the first Gulf War in Iraq, the program visits with residents–including African American veterans of previous U.S. wars, as well as ne’er-do-wells–in Washington, DC’s historic Shaw neighborhood while the conflict was raging in Iraq.

The Education of Charles 67x

The Education of Charles 67x Produced for Soundprint in 1993 in association with WTTW-FM in Chicago by: Askia Muhammad with Debra Morris. The political philosophy of Black Nationalism, which maintains that African Americans can govern themselves in their own nation, has deep roots in Chicago. Journalist Askia Muhammad returns to Chicago to explore his grounding in Black Nationalism ...

Sleeping through the Dream

Sleeping through the Dream Produced for Soundprint in 2003 by: Askia Muhammad. In 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King led the March on Washington and spoke the famous words “I have a dream.” Then 18 year-old Producer Askia Muhammad was, as he recalls, ‘sleeping through the dream.’ Growing up in Los Angeles, Muhammad was far away from the Civil Rights Movement and all that meant ...

Mississippi Becomes a Democracy

Mississippi Becomes a Democracy Produced for Soundprint in 2004 by Askia Muhammad. Mississippi Becomes a Democracy  tells the story of the 1960’s voter registration drive in Mississippi that culminated in Freedom Summer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party’s move to unseat the regular, racist Democratic Party which systematically excluded Black voters. This program won the Unity Award in Media from Lincoln University and was runner-up in the Salute to Excellence Awards from the National Association of Black Journalists ...

The Changing Face of Neighborhood Crime

The Changing Face of Neighborhood Crime Produced for Soundprint in 2005 by: Askia Muhammad with Katie Gott. A look at how neighborhoods change as new people move in, and when urban dwellers go to the suburbs. Race and class are issues here, with perceptions that crime rates are rising, fuelled by preconceptions about race. The program was runner-up in the New American Media Awards in 2006 ...

My World: Officer Candidate School

My World: Officer Candidate School Produced for Soundprint in 2006 by Askia Muhammad. In 1965 and 1966, Producer Askia Muhammad was a star-struck and naive college student who had matriculated from Watts to San Jose State University, while getting college deferments to serve two years active duty in the U.S. Navy Reserve. In 1967 he attended the Naval Officer Candidate School, destined to become “an officer and a gentleman” ...

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  1. I’m with Ken, Junior is one of my all-time favorites. We relaly lost a great one when he passed. Junior used to run a Juke Joint where R.L. Burnside, another local resident, was a regular. Junior and R.L. were both on Fat Possum records & collaborated a lot, as well as the Black Keys. If you dig that hill country sound, look into R.L. and drift to another neighbor, the North Mississippi Allstars.

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