The Promise is True…Tony Snow

The last time I saw Tony Snow.

I really shouldn’t say anything about him.

We disagreed so fundamentally, on

Just about everything.

But the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad reminded

Us of a promise, that we would have

Money, Luxury, Good Homes, and Friendship in all walks of life.

I bear Him witness.

The Promise is true.

The last time I saw Tony.

Tony Snow was Press Secretary

For the President of the United States of America,

George W. Bush.

Some say the “W” stands for the “Worst” President in U.S. history.

But I owe Tony Snow my respect

Because he honored a fraternal bond.

Friendship in all walks of life.

You see, when Tony Snow first moved to Washington, DC.

We often appeared together as panelists on “Evening Exchange.”

The show aired on Howard University’s PBS Television station.

After he became Press Secretary,
he remembered the show. He remembered me.

It was his first TV news panel show

He reminded me after his first briefing as

Press Secretary, in the

James Brady Briefing Room.

The last time I saw Tony Snow

Was in 2007. Friday, March 23rd.

My White House press pass

Was due to expire eight days later.

I wrote a letter and was delivering it by hand

To plead with my friend,

“Please spare my press pass.”

But in truth, I had stopped attending White House events.

Mr. Bush was still President after all.

The White House is really

Something of a News Free Zone.

But that day I was headed toward the West Wing

While I still had unfettered access to the White House grounds

When I saw Tony Snow walking east

In Lafayette Park.It was to be his last day

Before undergoing cancer treatment.

He was on his way to get a haircut, he said.

Could we say a prayer together for your health? I asked.

Yes. He said.

We held hands right there,

Right in Lafayette Square,

Under surveillance,

A stone’s throw from the White House

And I bowed my head and said:

“Oh, God Allah, Who is our Lord in Heaven,

Thy Name is blessed.

Thy Will controls the Heavens

And the Earth.”

I stumbled until I remembered all the words.

“May Thy Mercy come upon us

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Forgive us the wrongdoing and sins

We have done. Thou art the Lord

Of the Good ones.

Let Thy mercy descend upon us

And send a cure from Thee

To relieve this pain. Amen.”

He said thank you.

It was the prayer we prayed

When Minister Farrakhan

Was recuperating from a 14-hour

Surgical procedure during his cancer recovery.

I told him about wanting to renew my press pass.

I gave him my letter.

He said: “I’ll work on it Askia.”

I said: “Thanks Tony.”

My press pass expired March 31, 2007 as it probably needed to do.

But Tony Snow was treated, and a few months later

Was back at the White House

Looking as healthy as ever.

Tony Snow joined the ancestors July 11, 2008.

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