What’s wrong with being a Muslim…Muslims?

Before the 2008 election, Black people in the American political firmament, were customarily ignored by the Republicans and taken for granted by the Democrats. Pretty low. There is however now, one, even lowlier constituency: Muslims. They are even worse off.

The fact of the matter is: Muslims are still secretly considered America’s sworn enemies from the days of the Crusades, especially among the rock-ribbed, Red, White and Blue Republican true believers. And of course they’re shunted away by the Democrats, who are still afraid of being perceived as “weak” on terrorism.

And yet mainstream Muslim political types are mostly supporting Sen. Barack Hussein Obama Jr., who emphatically reminds everyone who’ll listen, that he’s not a Muslim, and furthermore, anyone who says otherwise is engaging in patent rumor-mongering. Okay. Message received.

What’s wrong with being a Muslim? Did I miss a memo? A meeting? I can’t see anything worse about being a good Muslim than there is about being a good Christian. A good Jew. In fact, some of my best friends are Muslims. And all of them are really fine people, excellent neighbors. They’re downright decent human beings, if you ask me.

But I don’t hear much of that hue and cry. At the heart of the tacky New Yorker magazine cover was not the slur against Sen. Obama, it was the standing joke that being a Muslim is evil, like being possessed by beings from another dimension, and that Sen. Obama is secretly a Muslim, and his wife has got an Angela Davis afro and a sub-machine gun over her shoulder. “You can’t trust those Black people any farther than you can see them. They all want to do us (White folks) in. Steal from us.”

Muhammad Ali was an innocent victim of a state power-to-hate run amok. What’s wrong with saying that? What’s wrong with being a Muslim?

But, if the lampooned subject of The New Yorker magazine had been Jewish, there’s no one who can convince me that if that cartoon had depicted Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an observant, Orthodox Jew, with a hooked-nose in some Shylock-the-Merchant’s cape, then that editor would have been unemployed within hours of the magazines reaching the newsstands…if not sooner.

But the Obama campaign is so afraid of being “Willie Horton-ed” by the Republican Swift Boat Machine that they are actually pushing away Muslim support, just as both parties did in 2004, and in 2000. So, two women in Muslim head scarves are ushered away from their seats at an Obama rally so they won’t appear in the film of him speaking because the very sight of them with him is obviously a political curse.

In past campaigns, prominent Democratic officeholders have even returned contributions from Muslim individuals and PACs. “Muslim money” is not even any good to them.

Something’s dreadfully wrong with that picture.

And the poor Muslims can’t even speak out in their own defense, lest they undermine the Obama campaign for the wrong reason. Truth be told, Muslims can’t do one single thing to help him win the presidency. But Muslims can do a lot of things to make matters worse for the presidential chances of Sen. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., whom White folks never trusted in the first place.

What a fate Muslims seem to endure. Worse than that of the lowly descendants of slaves. There’s nothing Muslims can do collectively to help Sen. Obama win the presidency, except to sit down, be quiet, and behave until after the inauguration.

So, what’s a conscientious Muslim to do?

Stand up for Truth. Stand up for justice.

The problem is, most people fail to recognize that Truth: Muslims are not America’s problem. Muslims are at the heart of the successful resolution of America’s problems. So, to answer my stated question: “there’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim.”

But, never mind telling that to candidate Barack Obama (or to Sen. John McCain for that matter), he’s so busy running away from all-things-Islamic that you’d be wasting your breath trying to tell him that.

No, tell the Muslim Democrats who haven’t recognized yet that they have already officially received their Party’s Bum’s Rush–an engraved invitation to keep their scarves and what not at home, away from the rest of the True American, God-fearing Christian and Jewish, (as well as Atheist), Democrats.

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