Is Obama ‘The Man’ or ‘The Omen?’

Is Barack Hussein Obama “The Man?” Or is he “The Omen?” Is he “The One?” Or is he Neo? The Shadow knows. Seriously.

I always thought the fundamental question facing America–White America–this presidential election cycle would boil down to a question of whether or not America–White America–could accept its salvation if it meant that the “Savior” had to be a Black man? Would Americans–White Americans–vote their best interests, or would they, blinded by racism vote for their own doom, because they just could not support a Black man in that office?

But that’s just part of the picture. Now, I have discovered, there are some militant (White) “U.S. Christians who regard the prospective presidency of Barack Obama in the nature of a biblical plague visited upon a sinful people,” so said columnist Robert D. Novak on May 12, 2008.  And in late June conservative Christians openly challenged Sen. Obama’s biblical interpretations.

What Bible are those Christians reading?

The prospective presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, just might be a biblical plague visited upon a sinful people? Where is that? I guess it’s near the chapter and verse where it says a slave is supposed to love his Master more than he loves himself.

In 1831, the Terrorist Nat Turner understood that same Bible very differently. He was in Southhampton, Virginia, and to him the Bible said that on a certain day he should rise up and lead his followers to murder their slavemasters and seize their freedom by force of arms. Same Bible. That’s the Bible (coincidentally) I believe in. The one that says the slaves will be set free! That Black Liberation Theology. Same Bible.

I believe those White Christians in Southhampton and others who believe that the Bible justifies White racial superiority and slavery, are the ancestors of the White Christians today who believe that Barack Obama is the fulfillment of a biblical plague against America.

That’s too bad, because the real question again, is: will White Christian America accept her only salvation if the savior (not the plague) is a Black man?

Regardless of how White America decides, eventually someone has got to tell all the racists, sexist, xenophobes in this country, that they have enjoyed comfort and ease at the expense of the rest of the entire world, and they did it under the cross. “You owe some heavy dues. It’s time to pay up!”

Furthermore, the election of Barack Obama will not cleanse this country of its enormous historical sins. His victory is vitally important, but it does not blot out the stains of the past.

I think Sen. Obama can lead America to the Promised Land if America wants to go there. The United States of America has been too often on the wrong side of world history and justice, under the cross. You just can’t take slavery off the table. You just can’t take genocide of the Indians off the table.

If we are truly witnessing the rebirth of what Abraham Lincoln called America’s “better angels,” a society where there is malice toward none, if Sen. Obama is the living embodiment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Dream,” if he is “The Man,” not “The Omen,” then his election is not a grand series of never-ending Ebony-magazine-White-House-Kodak-moments, rather it is the beginning of a new beginning of hard trials, not just at the White House, the House and the Senate, but also at my house and your house. The beginning.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Which Bible is that from? Because that’s the Bible I’m talking about. Under the cross.

The United States of America must mend its evil ways. Wars, the ecology, the poor, the children, health care rights. You name it, America needs to atone for it, under the cross.

It’s true. Remember what Thomas Jefferson, the third President said: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

As 44th President, of course Mr. Obama’s first order of business will be governing successfully, and assuming his role as Commander-in-Chief. He won’t be “The Black President.” He will be the President of the United States (P.O.T.U.S.), period.

At first, most of the needs of the suffering masses, and of America’s Black folks just may go un-addressed by President Obama, but he as well as we would be wise to remember: the Just God’s justice cannot sleep forever.

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