A front row seat in purgatory

Unless the crooks who the Feds believe stole more than $20 million from the D.C. Tax and Revenue office change their ways between now and the time they eventually get out of the slammer, they will eventually find seats reserved for them in Purgatory.

The same is true for the photogenically-challenged former President of the Washington Teacher’s Union who’s already doing time in the Big House for stealing more than $2 million of her brother and sister union members’ money in her hopeless quest to make up for the gifts Mother Nature denied her, by lavishing gifts of Gucci and Prada and Louis Vuitton on herself.

Yes, there are seats reserved for the cheap thieves in Purgatory, but they won’t be seated in the V.I.P. Section. Sorry, Little Bush League thieves. You will get to transit straight to The Inferno.

No. The V.I.P. Section in the American English-speaking Abyss is already reserved for the Big Bush Leaguers. The Enron founders, and the masters of the Savings & Loan rip-offs, those in the banks themselves and their accomplices in elected office.

Other V.I.P. Companions Of The Fire will be the politicians, especially those Chicken-Hawks who had no heart for military service when it was their time to fight, who tricked their way, and deferred their way out of Vietnam military combat, but who have been all too willing to lie and connive and manipulate every public resource in order to send other people’s children off to die in a war that should never have been fought.

Those “Certain People” with their pedigrees and fancy degrees, whose parents knew all the “Right People,” who developed all the “Right Connections” and who belonged to all the “Right Clubs” will be in the V.I.P. Section in Torment, behind the curtain, out of sight, so the poor slobs who just stole a few million here and there and spent it all on themselves, never tithing in church, never sponsoring Little League teams, never paying tuition or for tutors for deserving, hard-working smart ghetto children to get a good education, no those small-time crooks won’t even get to rub shoulders with their betters. Tsk. Tsk.

That goes for all the “Super Fly,” “Godfather,” “American Gangsters” as well, who are inspiring new generations of ghetto dwellers to aspire to the Thug Life, and to “Get Rich or Die Trying.” Maybe their “Plan to stick it to the Man,” that made junkies out of our boys and turned our girls into prostitutes, just maybe they’ll get to try out their plan on the banks of the River Styx. Maybe they can get a cool water or an air-conditioning franchise. If they’re willing to work for a change, that is. Naw.

The poet Chikuyu Johns advises: “Don’t make the Preacher have to lie at your funeral.” No. Go fishing for lost souls. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

The FBI is reported to have hastened their normally year-long investigation into D.C.’s largest public corruption ever, into just four months because they thought the perpetrators might be a flight risk. Please! Those crooks were clue-less, as was the entire D.C. bureaucracy. The former Mayor who put this incompetent financial team in place, after crawling out of the bowels of the Financial Control Board himself, should be put back in office for one day, so he can be impeached!

Those dummies who robbed the D.C. Tax Office probably didn’t even have passports. Where would they have fled to? Atlanta? Detroit? Chi-town? One of them is said to have bought a $2 million house for cash…no mortgage. If that’s not a tip-off to investigators that somebody’s stealing, what is? How about trying to cash a $200,000 check at a supermarket bank branch? They are definitely NOT V.I.P. material.

No, the V.I.P. Section in Perdition, will be full-up with the big corporate bankers, Monetary Fund managers and industrial CEOs, who pleaded with their workers to “Buy American,” while they conspired behind closed doors to export those workers’ jobs to places where a new generation of Paddy-rollers could lure a new generation of children wanting jeans, and CDs, away from The Bush, into the sprawling ghettoes where sweat-shop. slave-labor is the order of the day.

No. Our D.C. Tax Office cheap crooks and our petty drug dealers, and all manner of other cheap hoodlums will have good seats in Hell alright enough. They just won’t be with the real V.I.P. crooks, that’s all.

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