Republicans: ‘The Dog ate my homework’

I don’t know what it is about Republicans in high office this political season. They are behaving like: “Dumb,” and “Dumber,” and ‘Dumbest.”

First, we had Mr. 2008 Presidential Front Runner, Rudy Guiliani. He goes and nominates this thug with ties to the Mafia to a top Homeland Security job. He didn’t check the guy’s background.

Oops. The dog ate his homework.

Then, here comes Mr. Law & Order himself, Fred Thompson. His good friend for several years and the co-chairman of his presidential campaign is a drug pusher and a bookie. Convicted of selling 11 pounds of marijuana and cocaine, he was. Mr. Fred just didn’t know his BFF had such a sordid past. He’s not an honest man. He just plays one on TV.

It looks like the dog ate his homework too.

Then, here comes the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. You know, the guy who told Senator Patrick Leahy to: “go f— yourself” on the floor of the U.S. Senate. That’s him, the same guy who shot one of his friends in the face on a hunting trip and his office didn’t tell anybody it happened for 24 hours.

That’s him. Darth Vader himself. He likes to joke about being referred to the Lord of the Dark Side. In fact he dressed his dog in a Darth Vader costume on Halloween. Oh, it’s big fun being the sinister soul of the American Constitution in the Cheney household. His wife even makes jokes about it.

Well, the Vice President went hunting this year at the Clove Valley Gun and Rod Club, which had a 5-foot by 5-foot Confederate flag hanging in its garage. This exclusive country club was located not in the heart of Dixie, where at least folks there claim the Confederacy’s part of some “Southern heritage,” but rather in Union Vale, N.Y.

The Veep says he didn’t see the flag. But somebody saw it and took a picture of it for the evening news. Oops.

For someone who knows everything bad there is to know about all the folks he doesn’t like, that’s a thin excuse, rather like: “my dog ate my homework.”

The offense I find with U.S. public officials like Mr. Cheney embracing or looking the other way when the stars and bars are flown, is not just because it is a symbol of those who fought to preserve slavery in America, and, like the nooses that are popping up everywhere, a symbol of White supremacy thinking and Black racial hatred. I am doubly offended because that flag represents treason against this country.

Mr. Vice President: it may in fact be true that Confederate soldiers fought with “courage and devotion to duty” as the Sons of Confederate Veterans and others argue.

But it is also true that their fight was an act of treason.

You see, that rebellion was pure and simple an uprising by American citizens against their native land, against the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law it represents, for the sole purpose of perpetuating the chattel slavery in which millions of Black men, women and children were held and sold like livestock. It was a war in defense of the philosophy of White supremacy by which America’s “Peculiar Institution” was intellectually justified.

The Confederacy was by definition, a group of 11 slaveholding Southern states, which illegally seceded from the United States. They reasoned that states voluntarily joined the Union and should therefore be allowed to pull out of it as willfully as they had joined it in the first place. The seven original secessionist states ratified a permanent constitution in 1861 which closely resembled the Federal Constitution, except that it made no declaration that “all men are created equal,” and instead allowed interstate commerce in slaves. History has discredited those arguments. Mr. Cheney didn’t notice. The dog ate his homework.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and those who think like them may also be correct when they argue that their forbearers fought with “valor.”

Indeed, when Gen. Robert E. Lee, the Confederate Commander surrendered unconditionally to Union Commander Ulysses S. Grant at the Courthouse at Appomattox in 1865, he not only gave up his sword, he also signed an oath of allegiance to the United States, and he applied for amnesty for his treasonous acts! Robert E. Lee at least applied for amnesty for his treasonous acts! It was not until 1975–110 years later!–that the House and Senate voted to restore the fallen general’s citizenship.

Gen. Robert E. Lee was a traitor Mr. Vice President. And those who honor him and those who fought with him are condoning that treason! Oh. But the Vice President “didn’t see” the flag. Besides, why would anybody expect to see a Confederate flag at a New York country club?

After all, this was the bloodiest war in American history, accounting for the deaths of 364,511 Union troops and another 200,000-odd Rebel troops. That’s 100 times more than have died in the war in Iraq which Mr. Cheney advocated, to rid that country of dreaded “weapons of mass destruction.” Weapons which did not exist there.

I guess when that Civil War lesson was taught, unlike the lies that were told to Congress and the American people to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq which had never harmed or threatened this country, Mr. Cheney and his ilk, let their dogs–dressed like Darth Vader or dressed like Superman for that matter–eat their homework.

Never mind. He and the rest of the ethically and morally challenged Republican leadership crowd still deserve a failing grade in my book!

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