Race hatred’s ugly head

Funny thing about racial perceptions: Black folks perceive the ongoing insult of racial bigotry within the American Criminal Just-Us System instantly, and will often be quick to excuse guilty perpetrators, just because they are Black. O.J. Simpson, Michael Vick, Clarence Thomas are classic examples of scoundrels who had a lot of un-deserved sympathy in the Black community, simply because they are members of what the Hon. Marcus Garvey called our “co-fraternity of race.”

But that goes both ways. Just look at the Duke lacrosse players. You’d think they were the Rutgers women’s basketball players for all the sympathy they’ve got in the land of the Blue Devils. Excuse me.

They are not choirboys who should be given the keys to the city. These White “Good Old Boys” who are dyed-in-the-wool beneficiaries of the Jesse Helms White Supremacy System down there…those racist hypocrites hired two Black female exotic dancers for a team party of debauchery, and more than likely under-age alcohol consumption, and yet the prevailing White gentry down there want them to be paid millions of dollars because the now disgraced District Attorney unjustly prosecuted these young White lads when the exotic dancer falsely accused them of rape. Excuse me.

For crying out loud! More than 200 inmates have been freed FROM DEATH ROW after DNA evidence confirmed their innocence, and they haven’t been compensated that much altogether for all their hundreds of collective years spent on death row! And these debauched, young White lechers, should get millions of dollars because they did not rape the Black stripper they hired for a bacchanal! Hey, mister. I may have been born at night, but it was not last night.

Flip the script. Same scenario, only the young athletes are Black high school students, who have been illegally charged, tried, and convicted as adults by an all-White jury. Multiple felony convictions, around the beating of a White student in a schoolyard fight. They are the “Jena 6.” They are six Jena, La. high school students who, after nooses were hung by White students on a tree, and months of fights, reprisals, and racial provocations, have now been charged by an over-zealous, segregationist-minded district attorney, with serious crimes, while the Whites involved with them all along, have gotten off with little or no punishment!

Funny thing about racial perceptions, isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, when up comes a disgusting incident like the one which took place in a ramshackle trailer, deep in the rural hills of West Virginia, where for at least a week, a young Black woman was held captive, forced to eat animal waste, stabbed, choked and repeatedly sexually abused–all while being peppered with a racial slur.

Six people, all White, including a mother and son and a mother and daughter, were arrested in the suspected attack on 20-year-old Megan Williams, whose injuries included four stab wounds in the leg, and black and blue eyes. Her right arm was in a cast. But because Ms. Williams may have known one of the perpetrators “socially” before this crime took place, authorities have decided not to pursue “hate crime” charges against the motley crew. In fairness, the punishment for the charges brought are more severe than any hate crimes penalties, so that’s a defensible decision.

The woman was forced to eat rat and dog waste and drink from a toilet, according to the criminal complaint filed in magistrate court based on what the suspects told deputies. She also had been choked with a cord. Deputies say the woman was also doused with hot water while being sexually assaulted.

That’s sick. Perverted. Disgusting. Hatred.

This crime was discovered after someone tipped-off the police. Sadly, during that same week a noose was discovered near the Black cultural center on the campus of the University of Maryland, and the Ku Klux Klan distributed flyers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia.

No relationship? A coincidence?

Funny thing about racial perceptions, isn’t it?

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