Re-defining ‘victory’ in Iraq: Permanent Occupation.

Now that The Troops have Won The Surge. The Troops are making President George W. (for Worst-in-history) Bush look good. Gen. Patraeus, Princeton Ph.D., …shaken, not stirred. A Man’s Man. General of the Army. A Fighting Man. Everybody saluting the troops and all their brass and all their medals.

America’s. No. 1. Man Law.

Now that the U.S. has Won The Surge, why don’t we just go ahead and Win The War in Iraq!? Yeah! Who’s with me?

How do we win in Iraq?

Permanent U.S. military occupation! Yeah. Let’s fight ‘em!

I’ll hold your coat.

Permanent U.S. military occupation!

This is not rocket science! Let’s do the math. The promise of The Surge last January, bought some time to wait for The Surge to get started in June. From the moments when the public voted overwhelmingly against the war, back in January, the promise of the surge bought the time up until now, Gen. Patraeus’s testimony to Congress. What can the Democrats do besides capitulate?

Guess what he said? The Surge is working. Now, three or four months into it, The Surge is working in Anbar Province. Gen. David Patraeus said so to Congress. He said we need six more months of Surge-level fighting, till next Spring before we make a decision about withdrawing from the illegal and immoral U.S. occupation in Iraq. The Surge alone bought enough time for the war to go on without question, into the administration of the next president. Smart.

Gen. Patraeus told Rep. Jan Schakowski (D-Ill.) that he figured the U.S. would have to occupy Iraq for the next 10 to 15 years. She said in the Democratic Radio address recently, she does not think that’s acceptable, and that she doesn’t think the American people agree with the idea that the U.S. might occupy Iraq for the next 10-15 years.

Au contraire, Madame Congresswoman. As this war-without-end, this inter-generational War on Terror drags on, the American people will come to learn and respect the fact that Pres. George W. (for worst) Bush got this country into this well-needed war to keep them fighting us over there, rather than having to fight them over here as we would have to do if we cut and run the way the wimp-Democrats and anti-war Hippies said to do. If The Surge had failed and U.S. troops continued to get pummeled, then they’d have had to come home right away. But We Won The Surge! So…

Since we’re Winning The Surge, we now get to stay permanently. Since we can’t trust any of the potentially warring Iraqi power groups to protect U.S. interests without direct U.S. military supervision after we’re gone, we will have to stay there and do it ourselves. Permanent U.S. military occupation is required there.

Before the U.S. attacked Iraq–which was not a part of anything that happened on 9-11-2001, and was not a threat to the U.S., and had not attacked the U.S.–before the U.S. invasion, there were no al Qaeda in Iraq. Now, we’re fighting them and every other brand of “Islamo-fascists” that You Tube can think up next. We’ll be fighting them forever, because We’re No. 1. USA. USA. USA! USA! Support the Troops.

But we’ll be fighting them over there, instead of over here, so it’s worth the perennial sacrifice. George W. (worst) Bush, no Neville Chamberlain. Indeed! And any former African or Latin American or South Asian guerilla fighters are welcome to join the U.S. military and get yourself a Green Card, entry-privileges, so long as you were anti-Islamic guerillas that is…and you Crips and You Bloods, and you P Stone, and you Gangster Disciples…

So, we’ve re-defined what Winning The Surge means–Permanent Occupation. Let’s also define what Victory in the Iraq War means: Permanent Occupation.

President Bush likes the Korean Model, where the “The United Nations” (U.S.) has occupied that country, and the U.N. (U.S.) technically remains at war with North Korea, for more than 55 years now. Permanent Occupation.

There’s only one thing that can go wrong, as happened at the Asian Summit in Australia recently, when South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun would not take “No” for an answer during a photo opportunity with Pres. Bush. Pres. Roh kept wanting to know, when the war with neighboring North Korea would be declared over. Such attitudes concerning freedom, reunification, etc. among indigenous leaders in these countries prove the point. Victory anywhere outside Europe equals: Permanent Occupation.

I rest my case.

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