After the surge…Robo-Cop

To see pictures of President George W. Bush in Iraq this week belies the reality of what life is like in that war-ravaged country.

The fact that Air Force One was able to land at Al Asad Airbase in Anbar Province, a no-man’s land for Americans just one year ago is hailed as a sign of progress that Mr. Bush’s “troop surge” is making the country more secure. No one in any of the pictures with the President is wearing flak jackets or any other kind of body armor.

Well, duh…soldiers and marines and sailors, just clear a swath of land for a photo opportunity, like the “Mission Accomplished” aircraft carrier landing in 2003 with Mr. Bush piloting a fighter plane, like the kind he avoided flying by going AWOL for most of his time in the National Guard during the Vietnam War.

At virtually every other time and place, Americans, press people, diplomats–even commanding General David Petraeus–all wear helmets, all the time, even inside the supposedly “secure” Green Zone, where the Iraqi Parliament and some U.S. civilian installations are located. It’s a war zone. A real, untamed, uncontained war.

In fact, the entire region is so hostile to the immoral U.S. aggression in Iraq, there is nowhere within 1,000 miles where an American soldier can just walk the streets and pick up souvenirs for the folks back home…or pick up prostitutes like they did during the immoral war of aggression in Vietnam 40 years ago.

Americans are certainly not welcome in neighboring Iran which shares the longest border with Iraq. They’re not welcome in Syria. Not in Saudi Arabia. Maybe they could take some R & R in tiny Kuwait or Jordan or in Turkey. But even in those locations, they couldn’t have fun in the rowdy, drinkin’, cussin’, brawlin’ manner to which U.S. forces are accustomed. They’d have to go Egypt or Israel to have the kind of “fun” usually associated with the presence of U.S. military personnel. And with the British removing their last troops from Basra, Iraq’s second largest city the day the President landed (with the entire British force to be removed from the country by Christmas), the United States is left virtually alone, and completely isolated in Iraq.

And when you look at pictures of U.S. troops in action, with all their body armor, and gear, and night-vision goggles, and armor-plated vehicles, and M-16s, and every other high-tech killing device you can imagine, there is no way to believe that the President’s recent secretly executed stopover in Iraq on his way to a meeting in Australia, was anything except an elaborately staged photo-op. Period.

When I look at all the super-armed U.S. troops, I wonder why they don’t just drop Robo-Cop, and Superman, and Batman, Spiderman, and The Flash, and The Justice League, and all the other super-heroes who always take care of the villains in Hollywood movies into Iraq? I wonder why they don’t drop all those “Bad Dudes” in, to clean that place up in 48 to 72-hours-movie-time (always less than two hours on the screen).

But the illegal, immoral, U.S. war of aggression in Iraq isn’t a movie, and alas, despite all the most sophisticated weaponry ever conceived (“…connecting the dots in the global war…” as they say in the TV commercial), the greatest military force ever assembled is not able to defeat the Iraqi resistance to the U.S. occupation, which has no Humvees, no barracks, no aircraft carrier groups, no airplanes with “smart bombs,” no Blackhawk helicopters. A resistance perpetrated by people regarded as “towel-head,” “sand ni**ers” in the minds of most Americans. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

So, what do the beleaguered U.S. troops do to combat the collective will and hatred of them by all the Iraqi people, including most Iraqis on the U.S. payroll? At first it was Abu Ghraib and the Haditha massacre, but those were called aberrations. Not! Most American forces seem to consider their mission, simply to get home safely. And all that means is: “Shoot first. Ask questions later.”

If that means shoot and abuse and kill Iraqi civilians, children, women, no matter. Forget about the “rules of war.” Forget about the Geneva Convention. Who wants to take a chance that the suspicious-looking person they didn’t kill or maim was an enemy who might have turned around and killed them or one of their fellow soldiers, rather than simply someone who happened to be innocently in the way of the military juggernaut when it rolled up on their street? Tough luck Iraqi civilians. American troops have job to do. Bring peace and stability to your country.

As it turns out, 10,000 pages of new documents released by the American Civil Liberties Union recently, regarding crimes committed by U.S. soldiers against civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan detail a troubling pattern of troops failing to understand and follow the rules that govern interrogations and deadly actions (or maybe they did understand and were just operating on the law of the jungle). The documents show repeated examples of soldiers believing they were within the law when they killed local civilians.

Hey: “Kill or be killed! There’s a war going on!”

After all, the “Prime Directive” of the U.S. forces says they can’t turn on their own commanders. None of them want to be there, so they have to take it out on somebody, and the only people left to teach a lesson, are those poor Iraqi civilians who are in no position to fight back. The Iraqis are getting it from both sides–their fellow countrymen who hate Americans so desperately they’ll kill themselves and their own brothers and sisters, in order to kill the hated “infidel invaders,” and from the “Buck Wild” American troops who are still vowing to “Remember the Alamo.”

So, it ends up that the entire American military presence there is like “bad Robo-Cop.” Robo-Cops without the movie super-powers that is, who also sustain casualties, so far to the tune of 3,700 American military dead and more than 20,000 severely injured. For what?

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  1. Comment by Tyrone Harvey
    2007-12-28 01:18:49
    Connecting The Dots
    The Problem with White Racism (The White People Boogie Man)
    In our nation, white racism is a legacy of slavery and capitalism. It spawned the belief in white supremacy and black inferiority, taken to be permanent features of both races. On one hand, slavery and capitalism tried to control black slaves through violence. On the other, this ugly institution tried to justify the theft of the slaves’ labor through propaganda that claimed enslavement helped slaves. Their fight on both fronts was the longest and, ultimately, the most successful working-class struggle in our history. To date blacks have never been paid for their labor. Yet the white rule that we all live under tells blacks that slavery was so long ago. ( To bad so sad) 40 acer and a mule blacks can forget it. After the Don Imus racist and controversial comments I had to write down my thoughts. I have to help Americans connect the dots.Someone has to see America blacks and whites and how far we turn back the hands of time. And how blacks always thinking as a victim is helping.The affects of white racism has made blacks think that we are alway a victim even if we are not involve. Everytime blacks address white racism be it a white cop murder of a unarm black person. Or a racist comment by a white person like Imus. Or good old corporate America close door approach to black people. It seem that black people and their tactic to address white racism does nothing to stop the behavoir it don’t even slow it down.We have to look in the minds of White Racist and see it’s affected on the world and black people. Connecting the dots. For example I couldn’t believe that after Don Imus made the racist comment Oprah had a show that feature BLACK RAPPER & SOME OF THE HIP HOP COMMUNITIES? Don Imus made the comment and is WHITE! Al Shapton and the rappers and the hip hoppers and other black people was made to anwser question of why Don Imus a white man said what he said. Don Imus wasn’t present on the Oprah show I want everyone to get what I’m putting down. This to me was sick and stupid on the part of Oprah and the blacks that came on the show.Why would they anwser for something they didn’t do? We as Americans have the option to buy rap music or NOT. Don Imus also has that option to repeat disrespectful words and comments. In another interveiw with Don Imus he stated that his comment wrong as it was. Was the way blacks talk to blacks so he thought it was a ok statement. First off I would like to know how many black people Don Imus has talk to or how many rap CD he owns.That was the first time Oprah’s mostly white audience was silent. NOT A WORD.. I remember from my mother asking me just like I believe many parents have said to their children ” If you see someone jump off a bridge would you do the same” This relates to Imus and should have been said. Or ” two wrong don’t make it right ” But no one ever said that. Program after program hip hop and black people was blame for what a grow white man had said. Then I saw “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle on the show she was talking about the Imus incident. She asked the question. Why is it ok for black people to use the word NIGGER and not white people? I like to anwser that question this way. Change Imus to Police Officers Imus or Dr.Imus Empolyer Imus Landlord Imus, Correction Officer Imus Mayor Imus Councilman Imus President Imus CEO of a mature company Imus. All of these people can control the lifes and direction of a person and or mass of people. That why white people can’t use that word. It can be dangerous for people of color. History have taught us that and should have taught that to Lynn Doyle. This was evident when President Bush was elected Governor and didn’t get the black vote he Stated”Black won’t get much from me” That’s power. Another question I want to address is a question that came from a former co-worker of minds. We where talking about race in America and he asked me why blacks have black colleges and what is the reason for Miss Black America? I said to him that it was because whites lock Blacks out by Law of the Goverment. And held Miss White America and just didn’t call it that . They also refuse black Americans and other from learning in schools with white people. So the Black college was born. They had white colleges they just didn’t call it that. To this day. Just look at the percentage of blacks in white colleges and then look at the pencentage of whites in black colleges. Not much diffrence. I believe the only reason Black College are refer to as Black Colleges is to piss off white people and keep racism alive. Also remember the Korean War and Vietnam War black military personnel enter a seperate military. For suposely the same cause defending the same country. How demeaning it was to the blacks that faught and died for a country that didn’t even see them as equal. Oh yeah Don Imus is back WABC radio say to me and all other black people and the world that it ok what he said about those black women. He wasn’t talking about THEM! At 49yrs old I sometime wonder how other 49yrs old white people who have lived in this country as long as I. Seen some of the same thing I have seen. Yet can’t see or just don’t care about how affected White Racism has become. White racism (institutional and personal discrimination against black and other people of color) also dehumanizes white people. Treating nonwhite people as if they are invisible or worthless degrades the humanity of white people.I also believe that White Racism has back fire on White Americans. Our justice system that I believe is filled with corruption and is racist. Sometime turns a blind eye to white criminals. Remember The Ice Man?. I do he was a inmate at Trenton State Prison and on my unit. I was a correction officers at Trenton State Prison went he came to prison. This man was big as they come standing over 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds. Richard Kuklinski was first drawn to the sprawling woods of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, because of their peace and tranquillity, solitude and fresh air. The woods reminded Richard of church, one of the few places in his life where he found solace and comfort and could think without distraction. Like a church, the woods were peaceful, quiet, and serene.
    The woods of Bucks County were also a good place to get rid of bodies. By profession Richard was a contract killer, and the disposal of bodies was always a concern. Sometimes it was okay to leave the victims where they dropped, in alleys, parking lots, and garages. Other times they had to disappear. That was specifically requested. One time Richard left a victim in an ice-cold well for nearly two years—preserving the corpse—purposely seeking to confuse the authorities as to the accurate time of death, thus earning his eventual moniker: “Ice Man.” The Ice Man live with family that later was found out to be abuse. They never said nothing he live in a white neiberghood they never knew nothing . The reason I bring this up is because the white media never accuse the family nor the white community of not tell or talking to police. This is a commom practice by white media and police to accuse black of not coming forward with information about crimes. The Ice Man was arrested for other things that I believe if he been black he would have been lock up and couldn’t have commited as many murders as he did. I have watch many documentary with white people talking about crime that they have commited or their claims of innocent. The thing that stuck me odd they where talking and free for crimes blacks are serving many years for. That why I say that White Racism has backfire on White America. White criminal commit crime mostly on white people. WHITE ON WHITE CRIME” I know that people will read this book and think that I am not telling the truth about black people. The believe by whites and some blacks is that blacks are criminals and get what they get because of their criminal behavior. I pose the question . How can we be sure? Given the racist behavior of our justice system. Some of the blame of continous racism in our country are at the feets of Judges in our country. It is no way they can’t see The Problem Of White Racism. White psychopathic have taken revenge on judges. Judges like Judge Robert S. Vance of the federal court of appeals for the 11th circuit opened a package that had just arrived in the mail at his suburban home in Birmingham, Alabama; the box contained a powerful bomb which killed Judge Vance instantly and gravely injured his wife.WHITE ON WHITE CRIME”
    Two days later Robbie S. Robinson, a black city councilman in Savannah, Georgia, opened a virtually identical package delivered by mail to his law office; both of his arms were blown off in the ensuing explosion, and he died three hours later under surgery.WHITE ON BLACK CRIME”
    Eighteen months later, Walter Leroy Moody Jr., a small-time con man who lived in obscurity in a quiet WHITE suburb of Atlanta, was convicted of the mail-bomb assassinations. Charges which resulted in the death penalty.This white man wanted to be a attorney? Stacy Peterson, the 23-year-old fourth wife of longtime Bolingbrook, Ill. cop Sgt. Drew Peterson, vanished on Sunday, October 28, 2007. Cops say that Stacy may have left the house in a jogging suit and was supposed to be headed to a relative’s home. Her husband said his wife ran of with a boyfreind. His third wife is believe to be murder. But the investigation of that death may have been complcated. Because of the cops buddy system. WHITE ON WHITE CRIME! Javad Marshall-Fields ( A black Man) foresaw his future. He had survived two bullet wounds, watched his friend die and agreed to testify against one of the gunmen who shot three people at a July 4 party. Now he was at a sports bar, where a stranger called him by name, identified him as a witness and warned, “You’re a marked man.” “They are going to kill me,” Marshall-Fields told his friends.
    He was right. He and his fiancée, Vivian Wolfe, were gunned down the next night on an Aurora street, days before he was scheduled to testify against Robert Ray in the 2004 murder case.
    Arapahoe County prosecutors knew there were reasons to worry. But did nothing to protect Javid Marshall-Fields They didn’t offer their Wittness Protection Program nor police protection. NOTHING! But blacks always receive criticism for not coming forward. Which is a lie.

    Boogie Man
    Black people are white’s people Boogie Man we are the bad people and white see themself as the good people . The helper the big brother the discipline the enforcment of a dump and stupid people. This is taught to white people’s young children. This is why racism and hate stays with this country so strong. Remeber the Boston incident Charles Stuart ( A White Man) lied and said that a black man had kill his wife and cut him. Before long investigators had produced several people, all black, whom they called suspects in the slaying. Mr. Stuart picked one of them, a 39-year-old man being held on an unrelated robbery charge, out of a police lineup and gave what John T. Dawley, a lawyer for the Stuart family, called ”a fairly exhaustive identification of the guy.” Mr. Stuart took his own life not before his brother came fouth and told that Mr.Stuart was the killer of his wife.
    SUSAN SMITH ( A White Woman) did the same thing by accusing a black man, the argument goes, Smith’s tale would somehow be more credible.White America believe after all, is more likely to believe that a black man could commit such a heinous act. A big, black man, wearing a knit cap. If cops were ever to find that ominous figure, we could solve every mystery from the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.YEAH RIGHT! Ms. Smith put her son in her car and drove it into the water killing them. I watch programs like New Detective,48 Hours, To Catch a Predator, and Most Evil and 98% of the people feature are WHITE PEOPLE. Mostly WHITE ON WHITE CRIME! One program that stands out is Chris Hansen To Catch a Predator 99% of the people caught are WHITE! From teachers to Rabi to Home land Security military personel and Doctors. These people can control and influence other people lifes. White people with power. Now the white media and law enforcement is alway telling America things they have concluted about Black People. How big are penis. How often black people have sex. What type of father black men are.Where black people live. How black people live. How black people are all criminals. How black people celebrate a football touch down.: Ridicule after ridicule disrepect after disrespect black folk keep being the reciplicant white people’s believe system of hate. But NEVER do you hear nothing conclusive about WHITE PEOPLE from white people.Chris Hanson of To Catch a Predator reference about the Predators professions like because they are professional they should no better. That absurd! That also tell me and should tell all Americans that white repoter Chris Henson is just like alot of white people that think whites that further their education somehow are incapable of being criminals. THAT”S STUPID! Chris Hanson if he was a medeoaker reporter he would report the fact that 99% of the people feature on his show are WHITE! He would also report if just a medeoaker reporter on the light sentence these Predators receive from the mostly white court Judges, Maybe if he did all AMERICANS could solve the problems that we ALL have TOGETHER! This is prove that black people are white’s people Boogie Man We are NEVER given the breaks that white give whites NEVER! It hurt so bad to know that my grandmother and grandfather and Aunts and Uncle will NEVER see this country come together as one. They are DEAD.