A dead campaign which refuses to die

Back in early August, one observer remarked that July had been Willard Mitt Romney’s “worst month ever.” Not so.
The GOP presidential nominee then went off to Europe to prove that he was a foreign affairs heavyweight, by his conduct on the world stage. The former leader of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics then proceeded to insult England, this country’s closest ally, by predicting lax security might tarnish the outcome of the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games. Both the British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London gave their guest a tongue-lashing to his face.
Romney then proceeded to Israel, where–while trying to patronize Israelis in order to curry potential favor with Jewish voters back home–he insulted the Palestinian people by declaring that superior Jewish culture, and not billions of dollars worth of foreign and military aid, billions more in guaranteed loans which will never have to be repaid, along with even more billions in contributions from Jewish Americans, is why Israelis are wealthy and why their lazy Arab neighbors are not so wealthy.
From there he hastened on to Poland, where one of his aides managed to insult the Poles. In his three overseas stops, the Romney campaign managed three major-league gaffes. So much for Mitt’s non-existent foreign policy gravitas.
Then, the candidate named as his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), a staunchly conservative so-called “deficit hawk,” who proceeded to give the campaign a couple of black-eyes after a succession of untruthful statements, including one whopper in which he claimed to have run a world-class sub-three-hour marathon. His actual best recorded time was more than four hours.
Then, in late August, the Republican National Convention met in Tampa, Fla., and it was lackluster. The Romney campaign got absolutely no post-convention “bounce,” or improved ratings after the convention. In fact, First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention the following week got more repeat viewers according to an online tracking service, than all the Republican speakers combined.
Following that convention, President Barack Obama got a healthy 5 percent bounce in most national opinion polls, as well as healthy leads in key Electoral College “battleground” states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan, which the Republican nominee must win, if he is to become the next president.
And then, and then, Romney took his foot out of his mouth and promptly began to walk on his own tongue when the infamous “47 percent” video was released, wherein Romney declared to a group of wealthy donors who paid $50,000 each to dine with him that 47 percent of the U.S. population, “are with (President Obama), who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them.” Talk about someone who resembles Thurston Howell III, The Millionaire on TV’s “Gilligan’s Island.”
And even though Romney said himself that his point in that video had not been “elegantly stated,” and although his running mate upbraided his boss, calling the statement a “misstep,” there are still some Republicans who denounce the President’s re-election campaign for waging what the GOP calls “class warfare.”
But what beats the band in all of this is that the lifeless Romney campaign is still given a “puncher’s chance” of throwing a lucky punch and knocking out the incumbent, who has so far committed no unforced errors such as Romney has done.
In this contest, former Massachusetts Gov. Romney is as a zombie, unable to be killed, because like a vampire, his campaign is already dead. As in mythology, the only way to permanently dispose of a vampire is to drive a wooden stake through his heart.
So now, the presidential debates are Mitt’s last, best hope for overtaking Pres. Obama’s otherwise seemingly insurmountable lead.
Yet if Gov. Romney is held accountable for only revealing two years worth of tax returns, for example, will his support erode even further?
In the tax returns he’s released his vulture capitalistic ways have been revealed, such as only divesting stock in a Chinese government oil company, and other Chinese properties just last year, while he scolds the President–all of whose investments are in U.S. Treasury Bonds and domestic American companies–for not getting tough enough with China over trade policy.
On top of all his other numerous and readily apparent flaws, Gov. Romney is also clearly a hypocrite who will say anything to knock out the President.
A hypocritical vampire, I might add, who will only go away on Dec. 9–not Nov. 6 Election Day–the day the Electoral College officially chooses the winner of the 2012 presidential race. On second thought, we might have to wait until Jan. 20, 2013, Inauguration Day, to know that a wooden stake has in fact been driven through the heart of the un-dead, vampire presidential campaign of Willard Thurston Howell Mitt Romney, The Millionaire.

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