A crock full of Republicans

I have long known that modern politics in the United States of America is nothing but a game. Period.

In the first place, half of those who are eligible to vote don’t even register. Half of those who are registered don’t even vote. So, at best we’re talking about only one fourth of the adult population even taking part in the process. That means that a majority of the vote is made up of some one eighth of the eligible voting age population. Some mandate.

On top of that, the new Republican-inspired laws requiring voter identification is a new tactic, not to increase participation, but to limit the participation in the governing process to fewer people still.

These “legal eagles,” who are protecting the system from “voter fraud,” especially don’t want Black people to vote. This, despite the fact that in the entire 2008 election, the FBI investigated and found fewer than two dozen cases of attempted or successful voter fraud among all of the hundreds of millions of votes cast, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The point is, they don’t want Black, descendants of slaves, so-called “Americans,” to play their “game.” Period. For example, a 93-year-old Black Tennessee woman who worked as maid at the State Capitol for 30 years says she has been told she can’t vote in the upcoming election because of Tennessee’s new voter ID regulations, according to broadcast reports. Thelma Mitchell has a state ID which she used when she cleaned the offices of Tennessee lawmakers, but she has been barred from voting because she cannot produce a birth certificate.

Do you still think elections in the U.S. are “free and fair?”

So now, we go to Iowa, the state with the 30th largest population in the nation, about 3 million people. This is where the first Republican presidential electoral “process” takes place every four years. It’s called a “caucus.” There, a bunch of people show up and listen to speakers supporting the various candidates, and then the undecided Republican voters (approximately one eighth of those eligible in this the 30th smallest state in the Union) decide which group of supporters they will stand, or “caucus” with, thereby supporting one candidate or another.

A “caucus.” It’s like a game of charades, or Bingo, or something, except it’s probably not even fun to play this “caucus” game. This is an essential process for GOP candidates who want to be President, and they’ve invested tens and tens of millions of dollars and thousands and thousands of hours campaigning, just for a chance to catch this elusive brass ring, as the political merry-go-round spins in Iowa.

Next, they move on to New Hampshire, the 46th smallest state, with about 1.3 million brave souls living there. But at least in the Granite State, the participants go to the polls and cast ballots like they do in real elections.

Of these 4 million people total, half of whom are Democrats to begin with, we’ve got 2 million folks, only one million of whom are registered, and less than half of them will participate, meaning that the Republican Presidential nominee will be anointed by just about the same number of people that attend the five biggest New Year’s Day college football bowl games! And you want me to take these people serious?

Have you listened to the god-awful, hateful, right-wing rhetoric spewing forth from the mouths of these candidates in order to woo a few of this tiny sliver of the U.S. population to support them, so that they can then run against President Barack Obama? They want to eliminate 10 percent of all federal workers. They want to privatize Social Security and Medicare. They want to do away with Medicaid for the poor. They want to do away with the Departments of Education, Housing, Commerce, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other agencies. They want to have the U.S. Capitol Police go out and arrest judges and have them brought before Congress to explain controversial liberal-leaning decisions.

These are not the views of just one or two “nut-case” extremist Republicans. These are the standard “mainstream” views of the leading candidates…all of them. They have been in a pitched battle, each to sound more hard-core right-wing than the next.

Republican politics today is predicated on being anti-Black, in a subtle, coded, “dog-whistle” knd of way. That is, like the sound of a dog whistle, it only heard by dogs, but not by human beings. I am not comparing Republicans, human beings, with dogs. I’m just saying they speak coded messages that they understand are targeted at Black people in general, whom they feel are undeserving of the New Deal social “safety net,” they call them “entitlements,” and they want to eliminate them.

Like I said, this American political game, is just that: a game. Period.

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