Rupert Murdoch’s just deserts

Billionaire-bully, publisher, king-maker, right-wing ideologue Rupert Murdoch may be on the verge of getting some of what’s coming to him for his unconscionable and immoral behavior in the business arena.

Murdoch may soon be frog-marched into a British court, where lawyers and judges wear powdered wigs, just as European men began doing in the 17th Century when King Louis XIII started going bald. Several of the top officials of his media empire have already been arrested, a top editor of his Wall Street Journal in this country has resigned, and rather than face the music, recently, Murdoch shuttered a 168-year-old newspaper–News of the World, the largest circulated newspaper in the United Kingdom, with 2.6 million readers per week–because of the widening scandal, which has already embarrassed Prime Minister David Cameron and tarnished the reputation of the vaunted Scotland Yard, where Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson resigned from his position, skulking away with his tail between his legs.

Some rich folks think they are above the law. Rupert Murdoch may be chief among them. For a while, when a Parliament committee wanted Murdoch and his son James to testify, they said they were going to flip the committee off, and ignore any summons or subpoena. But with his top henchmen falling all around him, he’s all of a sudden become much more cooperative. The FBI in this country has opened an investigation, and members of Congress want to get their hands on him too.

While this may not be the worst thing the scoundrel is guilty of, his employees are accused of despicable acts, just to make a buck.

Rebekah Brooks, the editor of Murdoch’s now-defunct British tabloid from 2000 – early 2003, and his so-called “surrogate daughter,” is in the slammer, being held on charges of illegally intercepting communications and organizing improper payments to police officers. In that time reporters at the paper are alleged to have performed two of the most explosive parts of the scandal thus far: hacking into and deleting the the voice messages of a murdered schoolgirl, and also attempting to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. What is so disgusting about this alleged crime, is that after they hacked the murdered girl’s voice mail account, they deleted messages, because the voice mailbox got full and friends could not leave new messages. No shame. No sympathy for the dead schoolgirl, Milly Dower.

The alleged hacking may have also included the relatives of deceased British soldiers, and British bombing victims. The news empire filled the payoff-slop trough with money to police, and went on, probing into the most painful times in the lives of many people. Talk about “ambulance chasing” lawyers, this puts those practices to shame. But there really is no shame among some people. The only regret is getting caught.

As many as a dozen former Murdoch employees have been or may soon be arrested, including some defendants busted as early as April. What brought this scandal to light was investigations which began in light of the attempt by Murdoch to add more lard to his pantry, in the form of an offer to purchase the remaining 61 percent of shares outstanding Britain’s largest cable TV provider, B-Sky-B. Murdoch already owned 39 percent of the company.

In the United States, in addition to his ownership of Fox News, the Fox TV Network, and much that goes along with the 20th Century Fox movie studio brand, the 80-year-old also recently bought the fabled Wall Street Journal, only now those who sold him that newspaper say that had they known of all this skullduggery going on, they would not have sold him that paper.

The rich just seem to get richer, or as I’ve heard it said of the rich and greedy: “The more you eat, the more you get hungry.”

I hope we soon see the last of Rupert Murdoch on the outside of prison walls somewhere, and the last of all those who think like him. Perhaps on his way to purgatory, he and his son can take the Koch Brothers Charles and David, and the ghost of their beastly father Fred Koch with him.

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