When the terrorists win

The murder of security guard Stephen Johns at the U.S. Holocaust Museum June 10 by an 88-year-old racist who is a well-known neo-Nazi, coupled with the fallout from the assassination of abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller IN CHURCH recently, makes me feel we are definitely seeing the unfettered rise of White hate groups–fascists, Nazis.  The anti-abortionists are eager to send a signal to “baby killers,” by not condemning the assassination (some even claimed “victory”) while the abortion clinic was permanently closed. That leaves other abortion providers quaking in their boots. The silence of the anti-abortionists makes them as complicit in the crime as were those who aided John Wilkes Booth when he fled through the Maryland Eastern Shore after murdering Abraham Lincoln in Ford’s Theater in Washington, DC in April 1865.

Did anyone ever wonder “what happens when the terrorists win?” We’re seeing the answer to that question right before our eyes with these murders, by folks who would not otherwise be considered “terrorists,” because they are not Muslims, because their skin is White. Violence against innocent persons in order to bring about a desired political outcome is the definition of terrorism! I do not support abortion. I believe it is a disgusting form of “birth control” foisted on the poor by the rich, but it is LEGAL.

Murdering someone who provides a lawful service in order to affect the political climate is TERRORISM, pure and simple, and the Tim McVeigh-wannabes, and the rest of this murderers “fellow travelers,” the anti-government, anti-tax, Obama hatin’ extremists of the anti-abortion movement are just as guilty as this right-wing, supremacist, convicted felon who pulled the trigger.

What happens when the terrorists win? Indeed! In this country, some of them escape the law, grow old and murder security guards.

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