Newspaper busting: revenge of the Corporate Suits

Back in the 1980s, the un-patriotic corporate titans who are possessed–in the words of The Last Poets–with a “god complex,” taught the rest of us a thing or two by shipping millions of jobs overseas in order to improve their companies’ bottom lines, to win the confidence of shareholders, and of course to justify enormous executive compensation packages for the officers and members of the boards of directors. It was the private industry version of Ronald Reagan vs. the Air Traffic Controllers Union.

At the same time, as a matter of patriotic pride, they told us to “buy American,” but by all means, to buy, buy, buy. We took them at their word.

Since the dot-com bubble has burst; the mortgage industry bubble has burst; the banking bubble has burst; the automobile manufacturing industry has burst; the insurance industry bubble has burst; those same scoundrels are now taking billions in corporate “welfare” from the government, while at the same time pointing their fingers at Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public, calling them “losers,” who tried to scam the innocent lenders into selling them homes and other products–the erstwhile “American Dream”–which they (the consumers) could never afford in the first place. Bad borrowers.

Now, the Corporate Suits have a new fall-guy–the newspaper industry. Papers, they say, are no longer effective media for selling local retail products. Baloney, I say!

Just yesterday, I received in the mail a catalogue that weighs 1.5 pounds! That’s a lot of paper. Clearly, someone believes that printed advertising is still effective. I know, there’s blogs, and You Tube, and podcasts, and Facebook, and Twitter, all dumbing-down the population, but messages–including advertisements–can still (and will in the future) be successfully delivered on paper, they just won’t have those heavy editorials along with them. That’s because there will be no more editorialists…I mean journalists.

That’s right, no more investigative reporting. No more exposés. And while we’re at it: “Let this be a lesson to you meddlesome journalism guilds, and craft unions!”

Revenge of the Corporate Suits: that’s what’s really behind the massive layoffs in the newspaper industry.

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