Hoodies, hijab and hatred

These days, there is plenty of hatred going around in America.

Haters are trying to defend the indefensible. They are trying vainly to deny the undeniable. And they are trying to avoid uttering the unspeakable.

There is no explanation except race hatred to explain the conduct of self-appointed neighborhood watch patrolman George Zimmerman when he stalked and hunted, confronted and eventually murdered unarmed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida more than one month ago. Such behavior is indefensible. Continue reading

Vigilante justice downs another Black youth

Where do we begin this conversation about another innocent Black youth murdered by vigilante justice run amok? This latest victim’s name is Trayvon Harris, a 17-year-old killed by a neighborhood watch patroller in Sanford, Florida.

Do we start with Emmett Till? He was killed in Mississippi for whistling at a White woman. Or maybe we ought to begin with Sean Bell? Or Amadou Diallo? Both killed in separate hails of bullets by cops in New York City. Or maybe it’s 14-year-old DeOnté Rawlings? He was blown away by a D.C. cop who said the child stole his mini-bike.

Or how about Ali Ahmed Mohammed? He died after a savage beating by a mob of White bouncers outside a D.C. nightclub where they worked.

In each incident, Black folks were rightly outraged, because in each case the perpetrators literally got away with murder. It’s happening again in Florida. Continue reading

Halal’s: Hyper-hatred

We are advised by the Scriptures that there is “None so righteous as the newly converted.” That means that often when we have a transformational experience we are anxious to prove our piety–especially to those who oversaw our conversion–that we are indeed true believers, true practitioners. So we often exaggerate our behavior when we are new recruits–to a faith tradition, a political ideology, anything new.

I can remember when I was a new convert to Islam. One of my first behavior changes was in my diet. At the time I was a roommate with three members of the Black Panther Party, and unlike me, they did not care much about what they ate. On the other hand, I was all “kosher” all the time.

Funny thing though. My roommates would share the kosher meat products (such as hot-dogs) I would purchase, and then replace them with any old meat they picked up at the store. That was a constant source of frustration for me. Continue reading

Is President Obama in danger?

There is an “avalanche of hatred” coming down on President Barack Obama. And it’s been like this since his triumphant 2008 campaign which catapulted this son of Africa into the White House.

Governors of states, U.S. Senators, Members of Congress have all piled on with their hate speech. These are the “leaders” of the country, high officials, the opinion makers. If their mouths are so filthy they need to be washed out with soap, just imagine what some of the “Ordinary Joes” who respond to what is no longer coded hate speech, it’s now out in the open in plain, unmistakable language.

Montana’s chief federal judge Richard Cebull is the lates top official to add to the list. He admitted that he forwarded a racist email to six others from his court email account which suggested President Obama was the product of a sexual encounter between his mother and a dog. Continue reading

What are American soldiers thinking?

What are American military personnel thinking when they land on foreign shores–especially in Islamic countries–to fight?

Such a question is relevant today because the behavior of U.S. soldiers and marines in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years would embarrass a nation of savages, and is certainly unbecoming of the world’s only military super power.

The latest disgrace involves U.S troops burning several copies of the Muslim Holy Quran at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. The burnings sent throngs of protesters to the streets and military bases, some chanting, “Death to America.” Continue reading