The shooters: Sniper John and Ft. Hood Nidal

I am not proud to say, I have a lot in common with both John Allen Muhammad (what has he ever done to deserve to be called by the name of a Holy Man??? But I digress), the Washington, D.C. area sniper, and with Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan. All three of us are said to be Muslims.

Like John, I too was born and bred Christian and in adult life became a convert to the religion of Islam–the religion which is self-defined as a religion of “peace.” And like Nidal, who was born Muslim, I once dreamed of becoming a U.S. military officer.

As far as John is concerned, I can only say: May God have mercy on his soul.

And it’s already too late for the advice I would have given to Nidal. He made his choice–a very, very, very bad decision in my opinion and the rest as they say is history. I faced similar demons that Nidal apparently encountered, but I chose a different path. Continue reading