Who’s playing ‘The Race Card’ now?

Back in The Day, there was a heated argument over “reverse discrimination.” It started with a California student named Alan Bakke who sued the University of California because he was denied admission to a medical school. He said less-qualified Black students than he were admitted, and that that amounted to discrimination against him.
The Supreme Court agreed and Black enrollment in professional schools all over the country has been steadily declining for more than 30 years now. Continue reading

The Bain-pain, the bane of the Romney campaign: he’s hiding something

Conventional wisdom says 2012 will be a close presidential election, and it probably will be. But the fact of the matter is that Mitt Romney has already lost.
The race is close for one reason and one reason only: Mitt Romney is not Barack Obama. President Obama appears to be in trouble because…well, because he is Barack Obama.
If Pres. Obama was a White incumbent, who passed a healthcare reform law that none of the previous presidents going back to Teddy Roosevelt could get passed, and which was upheld by the Supreme Court; AND who managed to take out America’s arch-enemy Osama bin-Laden, who had eluded his immediate predecessor for seven and a half years, then he would already be a shoo-in for re-election. But I digress. Continue reading

No sympathy for public office thieves

There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in this country with credit far, far worse than mine, who can get anything they want, simply by signing for it. I know this because the advertisements are everywhere. And my credit is nothing compared to that of an official in the Capital of the United States.

If you want a new car: just sign then drive it away, no money down, no first month’s payment. If you want a used car: same deal, just go to one of those dealers who boasts, “Everybody who walks in, drives out.”

If you want a computer, with hundreds of dollars worth of free software, a free digital camera, a free HDTV, all you need is an active checking account. Why anyone can even get cash for his or her other “needs” simply by calling a toll-free phone number. Continue reading

President of all Americans…except?

Whenever Black people criticize the Black President for not sufficiently standing up for Black folks in this country, Barack Obama’s supporters say: “He’s the President of ALL Americans. He can’t appear to discriminate in favor of Black people…”

So, when the son of a father born on the African continent becomes the first U.S. President to champion a NATO-led bombing, and removal from power of a sitting African head of state, which many observers describe as the first steps to the re-colonization of Africa by Western European powers, Blacks are told to be quiet about it. Continue reading

Hurricane Irene: Americans are Talking About the Weather and Saying Nothing

There may be some debate among folklorists about whether or not Mark Twain originated or borrowed the expression: “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

But there is no doubt about the James Brown version: “Talking Loud and Saying Nothing.” Mr. J.B., “Soul Brother No. 1” and Bobby Byrd recorded that anthem in 1970, although they did not have the topic “climate change” on their minds at the time. “Like a dull knife, just ain’t cutting. Talking loud and saying nothing.”

Residents of New York City’s Manhattan and some other areas in the path of Hurricane Irene feel like they “dodged a bullet” when the storm spared them from torrential winds and floods. But just a little north of New York, the storm wreaked havoc of Biblical proportions. In Vermont, even after being downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm status, Irene caused the worst natural disaster since the Great Flood of 1927, with waters washing away bridges in the state that have withstood the forces of nature for more than 200 years. Continue reading

Obama: Shared destiny? Separate destinies?

The elevation of Barack Hussein Obama to be the 44th President of the United States makes for some interesting deliberations. He’s a Black man. That goes without saying, but that fact has meaning beyond its historical “first-ness.”

Brother Malcolm X once said, and the statement still speaks for me: “I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I don’t even know if I’m and American.” President Obama is obviously a Democrat.

The reason that statement is pertinent to me is because of the promise in the Bible: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Now if that promise is also true of nations, then I personally don’t want any parts of the American inheritance for capturing, transporting, and subjugating hundreds of millions of Africans (incidentally murdering tens of millions during the Middle Passage) for more than 400 years; nor do I want America’s heritage for committing genocide against the native Indians; for despoiling the earth’s air and water; and for ruining the world’s economy with America’s thieving brand of robber-baron Capitalism.

But that’s just me. Continue reading